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  1. Are any of the other common Pulse ROM problems present, i.e. can't be heard on phone calls, reboot on SMS receive, low volume problems? If calls, SMS and wifi working I might give it a joust. Is tethering built into the ROM if you get wifi working?
  2. Pointless. I was interested in 710 but only when I could use it for tethering - been waiting for update since end of april only to find it may not be available.Don't think I would look at a windows phone from a network of this is how they will distribute updates.
  3. Cool - sounds good. Let me know whether your build works, although I notice you are also posting over at XDA.
  4. Tres interesent. If you get the chance could you post your thoughts when you receive the device? Particularly if it has 384Mb RAM - the Pulse was crippled for continuing development by its 198Mb RAM and tiny ROM partition, although as a phone it does everything I need (a couple of calls, a few text and Barnacle for tethering), just all a bit painfully slowly some times.
  5. Hmmm, I am looking for a replacement for my ancient Pulse whilst I decide whether to jump in and get the current Note or wait to see if the Note 2 materialises in the Autumn. 50 notes is the point at which I think it might be worth a joust, particularly if someone will port ICS (hecatae???).
  6. Does the UK ICS also suffer from the potential wipe bug mrshark mentions - sounds like a real problem, although I believe so far no one on XDA has demonstrated the bug exists on a completely stock handset (i.e. not even rooted). EDIT: Likely to since it is XXLPY.........
  7. I would point out that there have been a spate of bricks reported over at XDA, and currently the cause is thought to be the Kernel update that comes with the OFFICIAL ICS upgrade for the Note - the advice is don't flash until its sorted http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1633943
  8. So, makes you wonder why people are finding it faster than the other CM7.2 ports available...........related to the lack of incoming calls?
  9. I am sure this problem used to exist on the TMobile Pulse and was solved, and the issue identified. Unfortunately I can't remember more than that, but might be a place to start if you feel like searching.
  10. Does that mean it can do native Flash? Whoops - a bit slow, serves me right for leaving page open. Can you confirm Paul re: Flash and iplayer?
  11. Many thanks for the prompt reply Angamb. I managed to get a bit of time on one this morning and I was........disappointed. The function I need for Word documents is track changes (and the ability to add Comments). These functions are entirely absent in Polaris as far as I could see. The best I could do was either to change the text myself (but with no function to show the text was changed) or to use the stylus to create an s-memo then, clunkily, insert this into the document. Absolutely no use for what I want to do. I didn't look for the .pdf app you mentioned. The phone itself I thought seemed OK - I didn't feel it would be too big for me to carry in my pocket or to make calls from without looking like a berk. I have just done a quick search and it is suggested that a new piece of software (currently in public beta) might do what I need http://www.gottabemobile.com/2012/04/02/softmaker-office-mobile-2012-for-android-now-in-public-beta/ Or possibly the full version of Documents To Go http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/235744/the_best_office_alternatives_for_android_tablets.html Unfortunately I only have the free version so I can't have a look. Seems a bit risky buying the device without knowing whether it can do what I need, or how easily, although I could always use a 7-day return to send it back.
  12. In a similar vein I am looking at this phone but I have a particular niche use and I was wondering if anyone could comment about suitability. I commute and I want to work more easily than I do now. Currently I use my laptop and tether through my android phone (barnacle). However, it is often annoying to try and use my laptop (it can be cramped, takes a while to boot, battery life, etc, etc) but I don't want to add complexity to my life by carrying my laptop, a phone and a tablet. So the Note sounds appealing. However my biggest need is to be able to open word documents and pdfs and to review them, making changes to the text and crucially adding reviewer comments/notes. I am happy to do this via handwriting or text typing, whichever is faster. How realistic is it to use the Note for this? Anyone know where I can get a hands-on in London?
  13. True, true - but stripped down versions of Vista were floating about, where various processes were 'frozen' (or removed). Managed to find the post I was referring to - why on earth can I not search by post rather than by thread, makes it a horrendous experience trying to find something CM6.1 service freezing guide
  14. Would one way to tackle the low memory issue be to use something like easyfreezy to freeze processes not needed by the user? Somebody posted a really good guide to which services could be frozen on the pulse (can't remember ROM) to improve performance. Unfortunately I am having no luck finding the post/thread by searching.
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