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  1. Thanks for your response. I thought I would find others with a simliar problem, but it seems only I am experiencing the Flashing Orange light. The only thing is that I dont hear very good reports about the repair service of htcEurope which I think is run in the UK by www.sbe-ltd.co.uk in Ashford, KENT. It is very strange becaus eit charges perfectly when off and when on connected via ActiveSync - its just when ON and via car charger and sometimes mains (with Mains it usually charges to say 80-90% then flashes orange rather than go green. With TomTom running that seems to make it much worse - so its something to do with battery drain and charging sensing - I guess it could be either sensing circuit in phone and/or battery - its just not consistent and thats the worse problem to diagnose - hence I fear that they wont fix the problem. PS Do you know of anywhere where I can buy a high capacity c500 battery (eg 1350mAh) one such was on ebay but no longer avail - most seem less than the original 1050mAh. Thanks anyway
  2. My 10 month old c500 charges from mains and car charger when off, but often does not when powered on and say running Tomtom software. When in the car both car chargers I have start to charge it (with orabge LED on continuous, but then after either a short while ao sometimes longer its stops charging and the LED flashes orange instead ! and the battery drains. this also seems to happen sometime when charging via mains - it doe snot charge to 100%, then say at 85% it stops and the LED just flashes orange. So do I have a faulty sensor in the charging circuit or ???? I dont think its the battery because I have not used it alot and when I do charge it when off overnight it fully charges and then lasts 5-6 days on standby. Note the 2 car chargers were not the official Orange on, but bought from 2 diferent web sites, but they both have hte right model labelled on them and they do charge it sometimes. any advice or similar experience grateful
  3. hi cooldudeengland Well - Mine is actually a new x51v (ie almost same as x50v but with Windows Mobile 5 operating system and pretty recent ROM (A08 i think) From what I understand from searching the Web, the main issue is that it should work OK on a pda running the previous Windows 2003SE (which if you have the earlier x50v you should have - please clarify versions of everything)but that by default TTN 5.0 wont find the BT GPS signal on WM5 based pda because the BT stuff and its veritual com ports are all handled abit differently. I dont have the pda with me now, but when I first installed it - I deliberatly ONLY paire dit and selected serial devive checked in the Settings/ GPS bit. I did NOT set any BlueTooth com ports at aLL ! and went into the config screen the list of GPS ports was something like COM0, COM 1, IR, BT UART ..., and then a strange entry consisting of a series of Question Marks something like: ???? -? ??? - ??? Since I already knew from others it would not work as was I then d/l and ran a free utility that I had read would fix the situation and make it work on exactely my hardware and software setup : This is the Post I found on the Net from someone: I use TT5.0 on my x51v. No problems at all. It doesn't have to be TT5.21. My problem was that TT5.0 couldn't find my bluetooth Holux GPSlim236 on port 7 or 8. I had to install a fix I found. It was called WM5GPSFIX.zip and it let TT5.0 easily find my GPS. It was funny, once I installed the fix I never got a chance to tell TT which port. It just found and started using it by itself. Perhaps it will help you. Let us know if it works... Download WM5GPSFIX.zip here. (http://buzzdev.net/components/com_simpleboard/uploaded/files/WM5GPSFIX.zip) unzip it and copy the .cab file to the pda and just click on it in explorer. I think it makes some settings in the registry to make more ports visible to TTN5.0. There is also this at the following linke - which looks like it is written by the guy that created the saem fix: http://www.wm5fixsite.com/index.php?option...6&Itemid=30 If you read this he also describes setting com ports up to run other GPS s/w. I did not, I merely ran the .cab. All it seems to do was add multiple entries for com 1 or 4 - cant remember, but I decided to select the one with Question marks out of curiocity and to my very great surprise, TT started to see the receiver and its worked since. I have NOT seen anyone else mention this - so it may be something specific to the ROm version of my pda or the GPS receiver itself (later I doubt). I have also heard others say that with TTN 5.xx its best to not have any BT com port settings - if you have started to set them - remove them and or do a soft reset (or as last resort a hard reset to clear everything) Just eith let it find the device or try each of the listed ones in the TT Settings / GPS config / other screen. The above infers that in my case I probably did not need to run the WM5GPSFIX.cab. So - tell me the exact version of the pda, windows and TTN ?.?? and also the complete list on the TT Settings BT GPS available ports screen ? PS what car charger do you use - the 3rd part one I bought does not seem to supply enough current - esp. when battery low - I have heard this elsewhere and that the car charger needs to by atleast 1amp rated to both charge and power the Dell directly ?
  4. lft480

    orange spv 500

    Just seen this post in another thread - he had 5 brand new hosings for about
  5. Hmm - I dont have an MSN account and cant access any IM from Work :) I dont know for sure what your problem is re - As soon as i select the voice it freezes. However, My original install of TTN5.0 was easy ie I just ran it direct from the MiniSD card - I think I had an issue with Maps - only because I did not have all the folders in the root of the MinSD card. After pairing my receiver with the phone (note I did not set any com ports up at all to get TT working - as I said it seems to use another api to do all this on the fly itself.) with TTN5.0 initially it just said NO maps found with the only option to cancel and exit !!! I solved this by realizing I did not have the Map folder sin the rrot of the Storage card. However, I have seen on the net a number of people have similar "freezing" problems to yours in install on pdas. Having been up till gonr 4am this morning install TTN5.0 on a pda myself I now can sympathise. On the pda others and I found it Froze when I selected a map. In may case I was trying to do an unconventional install in that I was trying to install evrything in the 200mb ROM of a DELL WM5 pda rather than use a card. I eventually found the cause of the freezing - although I ran all the .cab install files and it installed the core of TT5, I found I had to manually create/copy the folder Tomtom from the card into Storage\My Documents\TomTom on the device. I further found that I have to copy the voices folder to the device so thta it was avail if I removed the card, else although it did not free all voices were disabled. In the end althoughI got it to work it appears I have to have the maps on a storage card - ie its hard coded to look for maps in the root of the card even though I have enough meneory to install in the ROM - arrgh I know its all a little different on the Smartphone, but I think its a similar issue - namely that TT software is hardcoded to expect certain folders to be in certain places in the device's onboard storage, so that certain eithr dat files or config files can be read or created there. Now - your 5.2 version may be abit differnet, but I suggest if you have it working on another mobile to closely check you have the same folders created etc. In theory you should be able to just copy the files, its just you need to get an offical registered key to run the main exe. storage\My Documents\TomTom\currentMap.dat storage\Program Files\tomTom\sdkFileCalls\ (nothing/no files in here) storage card\Great_Britain Navigator Map\ (all the GB map data files) storage card\tomtom mobile 5 smartphones\ ( all the TT folders and main exe in:) eg storage card\tomtom mobile 5 smartphones\TomTom\Ttomtom mobile exe storage card\tomtom mobile 5 smartphones\Voices\ (all the voice data files) sorry - long story - but I am sure it something like this. Also I think 5.2 was brought out to fix problems/incompatibilities with WM5 (eg on pda and C600) maybe its introduced some issue with the older c500's WM2003SE operationg system ! thats the best I can do thanks for the info on car charger good luck
  6. What version of TT do you have ? I have the same Orange c500 version and TT3 and TT5.00 both work with a cheap BT GPS receiver OK ( it takes serval seconds to recogise there is a receiver on startup) and I had to make no changes at all - except select "other BT " GPS" from the TT Settings menu. I do know that TT sets up its own BT connection on start and removes it on closing the app - whereas other Satnav s/w usually requires you to set up outgoing and ingoing com ports in the phones Bluetooth setup screen. also Only ONE GPS app can be running at once to recognise the BT receiver. I have heard that if you make some BT settings yourself - it can get confused and its best to remove everything and start again = the usual when you have a problem just reset everything. I suggest removing ALL BT settings you may have made, restart the phone, start your BT receiver with its BT on in an area where it will get good reception, active phones BT to refind the GPS, enter the code and pair it, run TT5 and just select "other BT GPS receiver" and just wait aseveral seconds. regardless of GPS signal , in this setting TT screen if the top right little circular icon starts twirling, then its communicating over BT ok. Although I did not have to do anything more, I have also heard that sometimes other users have had to rename their paired GPS receiver to the same name as the official TT reciever, but mine worked fine 1st time as its defaul of 'BT-GPS' Can I also please ask you which car charger you use to keep your existing c500 running off the car power whilst its On and running TT and charging - I ask because the one I bought (3rd party from mobilefun.co.uk)seems to only charge with the phone off ( I thinks its not supplying enough current) what current (ie are your car chargers greater than 400mAmp rated for the c500 ) with mine, if its on and running TT, the LED flashes orange rather than full on and only starts to charge for a few seconds than goines back to merely running off the battery - which just drains it.
  7. Can anyone recommend somewhere in UK where I can buy a car charger that can supply enough current to charge SPV c500 whilst it is in use (eg running TomTom and screen on) My current charger from MobileFun.co.uk only seems to charge with phone powered off ! if its on the orange LED only flashes orange and does not actually charge. I have heard the same of the Dell Axim x51v pda in that it needs atleast 1amp car charger. So far I have only found US sites that sell a high current car charger or USB car adaptor. NO UK site seems to mention this and I dont want to buy another only to find the same. Is this a know issue - ie that The SPV c500 and Dell Axim (both made by HTC) require more than the normal 400mAmp car chargers ? Ideally I want a USB adaptor based charger ?
  8. Ok - thanks for the info Atleast it does show that Orange and HTC do respond to precise clear defects - when they can be clearly demonstrated.
  9. thank you for responding with this confirmation. However, I am interested to know just how you know that this is the only change ? Why is it that neither Orange or HTC (who I assume are the ones who fix and rebuild the ROM release) clearly list the bugs the release fixes and any enhancements included in it ? clearly from other posts - orange have just been telling people to send back phones and then resend them out not fixed - when someone clearly knoew of the ROM Flight mode/garbled sound bug long ago. In short - is there some secret source of such info available from HTC themselves or a more techy Orange page ? Many thanks for this confirmation I am a little hesitaant to put this latest ROm on right away - incase there are some other new problems with it (I'll just wait a little) It is good to know how to work around the bug though (ie ensure one comes out of flight Mode before turning the phone off so that when I turn it on again I am sure all calls will be clear (or just make a dummy call myself after flight mode) Also -is there an uptodate list of any outstanding known bugs - I can only find one that is way out of date ? thanks again to all for their contribs to this thread - v.helpful
  10. I have had this problem recently and found that it is always only the first call made or received after comming out of the c500s Flight Mode. If you power up the Phone in normal reception mode the calls are always OK If you start the phone in flight Mode or go into and then out of Flight Mode - the first call has the problem - ie your transmitting voice is garbled the other end. all subsequent calls are OK. Very strange NO one alse has reported this ! I wonder if it is fixed in the very latest ROM ? I have Operator ROM version phone bought from Orange just over 3 months ago (I think this ROM version was around for a while) This may well explain why hardly anyone else has heard of the problem and only this post - because I guess very few use flight mode. Please - Can anyone else confirm this happens on their c500 ?

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