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  1. sorry but your asesertation is wrong. Google were going to encrypt by default but ended up only being on n6 and n9 when they first came . They also quickly backpedaled given the backlash from doing so and also didn't do it for any other nexus devices or mandate it in android in general (for other oems) for the same reasons.
  2. i've no idea how you lot are turning off the password unlock aspect. As that COMPLETELY negates the point in encryption! lol. FWIW i have pattern pin and password as options, the swipe one is greyed out saying that its disabled by administrator, encryption policy or credential storage. And to be fair this has always been the way on every Android device I have ever had that I have encrypted.... it is a no-brainer (see my first sentence). And to remove encryption you have to basically factory reset (thats the way it has always been on Android) Although I've no idea if the hudl will force you to re-encrypt it after it has done that. I'm assuming it will but i am not in a position to be able to test that. Battery life.... well i had it full when i left the house yesterday afternoon. I came to try to use it a few hours ago and it was completely dead.....nothing was running, screen was off. Pretty disappointed with that too. Luckily its mainly for the kids and not my daily driver. Lollipop is supposed to have slightly better battery management (although nowhere near as good as Marshmallow is supposed to have, but i guess the likelihood of us ever having that on our Hudls is pretty non-existant. Unless we unlock the bootloader so we can flash custom roms anyway)
  3. Pretty annoyed that they chose to force encryption on us by default. The choice to encrypt should be mine and mine alone. Encryption gimps the speed of storage read/write and it also forces you to use a password/passcode to unlock the device/ disables swipe unlock if you use that. Given that I store nothing of value on the tablet and children regularly use the tablet (more so than me) i'd rather just have the ease of use (not having a password) and performance please. thanks. disappointing, Tesco. Very disappointing. really REALLY hoping that we somehow get further with unlocking the bootloader on this new update so that we can flash CM or somesuch ROM. after using it for a few hours, its clear that performance has taken a large hit when there is any kind of storage read/write activity. shame.
  4. Paul from Modaco was supposed to be going to see the Tesco Devs, but this was said not long after it was released and as far as I can tell nothing more has been said about it. I would hope that that meeting would have maybe uncovered some nice pointers as to where people can go from here. But alas... nothing as yet.
  5. fraid not. :( if only it was this simple. seems that this device has been crippled in such a way that they really don't want people messing with it (ie the non-standard fastboot)
  6. Hi Paul, out of interest when are you pencilled in to go down and see the hudl2 devs? I think we're all anxious to know more about the seemingly crippled fastboot and if it is possible to install other x86/x64 OS' on it.
  7. I've got a Anker power adapter thingybob (http://www.ianker.com/product/71AN25W-W5A) which has 2.1a for its "ipad" port and 1.5a for "samsung tab" and 1a for the others. i can only get it to charge using the 1a ports and even then it takes so long its not worth bothering with :( very confusing. in any of the other ports it recognises the charge but stops charging a few seconds later.
  8. Can't say i've used the SD slot yet, but what is the problem with SD card access and Kitkat?
  9. i bought mine from deal extreme a couple years back (using one on pc and one on android devices) http://www.dx.com/p/pc-wireless-gaming-receiver-for-xbox-360-controller-black-188982#.VEoVG2fjSRF no idea if you can get cheaper for the official versions these days or not. have a google around for yourself and see.
  10. max payne 3?? Cool. thats pretty impressive then, didn't know that was out but it looked amazing on PC a couple of years ago when i played it. Can't seem to find it though :( got a link? Also, Plex runs fine and has never crashed for me. also i use my wireless 360 pad by plugging my wireless receiver into the hudl2 via a OTG usb host cable. and i'm not rooted (yet)
  11. its clearly multitouch. you can pinch to zoom on chrome/photos etc which you can't do on non-multitouch devices. just tested to make sure on some silly drawing app for the kids an it drew with all 5 fingers. plus my misses was watching Friends on it most of the day yesterday while she was decorating, so unless your son was watching Lord of the Rings Extended cuts then i expect you are running in software decoding mode (use a decent player like mx player) or you have a faulty unit. i think if all of the hudl2's had those same problems then you'd hear a LOT more moaning about them by people.!!!
  12. excellent. many many thanks Paul. will try this shortly. a couple of questions if you will. a) will it wipe device? B) I'm assuming that until someone creates a recovery for the device it means we're stuck using this rom ... forever? assuming that tesco updates will not work or if they do will kill the root.
  13. Theres not really much motivation to remove all of the Tesco "Bloatware" as far as i can see its just a launcher which you can easily replace yourself. and a few BlinkBox apps which, granted you can't remove, but they're hardly going to be taking up much space/resources. People seem to be blowing the "got to remove all the bloatware" thing out of proportion. Its nothing like a Samsung device!
  14. The reason why I want windows on it is because I already have a number of android tablets and this is the first Intel based tablet, just think it would be cool to try out windows 8 on a tablet. Play some of my steam games etc. Mainly though, because I can (hopefully). If it runs rubbish though I will revert it back to android
  15. so you signed up just to tell everyone you're inpatient? ;) nice one. Awesome effort Paul, can't wait to see where this will get us. Would love to have windows installed on the hudl 2 , but i'm assuming that we're still a way off on that.
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