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  1. Simon Olesen

    Potential of Diamond

    listpro, i've used mobile and PC versions for a few years and it's not much for showoff, but awsome for productivity. i use passworded list for personal info, registrations, passwords, alarmcodes etc. control cheklist, for periodic cross-checking that everything is running like it should in business home projects list for organizing projects around the house, car etc. shopping checklist projects list for organicing strategy of compagny projects igo for navigation, it's better than tomtom, but i'm not sure navigation on mobile is a good idea if you like to talk on the phone while driving :rolleyes: Mobsync for syncronizing folders between desktop and mobile, it's good for easy handeling of music and documents i'm on the lookout for a contacts program wich can organize contacts in categories, will popup only if registrered contact calls, easily take notes on conversation and export that to onenote or officetasks. i've tried with normal contacts but it seems to get more and more cumbersome if there is more than 100 contacts
  2. Simon Olesen

    Music issue

    you need to select "internal storage" when selecting type of media to playback i'm allso tired of windows media player, it seems to be made by silly people
  3. Simon Olesen

    Which Media Player Is Better?

    i'm giving coreplayer, and folder syncronise a try, it seems better, and less battery consumption for audio on my diamond. as for the library i've stopped useing it as it seemed cumbersome, if you have tricks for useing it effectively please share them :rolleyes:
  4. Simon Olesen

    Simple Question...iPhone or HD Touch?

    i've been a smartphone user from the original SPV, and while MS smartphones have done well for some time now i do think there is a long term trend of small problems beeing too plentifull, and too timeconsuming to resolve, if i calculate lost earnings from time spent on annoyances with time saved on productivity i'm pretty sure the smartphone is pretty expensive, and maybe more aggrevating than the iphone. as to that statement, an opposite statement could be that if you like to lead you like to spend your time earning profit, rather than fiddling about nonsensical problems :)
  5. Simon Olesen

    The official Asus M530w 'Ask Chris' thread

    does it support micro sd-hc 8 gb cards ?
  6. Simon Olesen

    your favorite hours billing software

    oops my profile thing is old, that programming thing just got too timeconsuming compaired to the results i got so i kinda quit it and earned some money instead :D sounds real good, how long did it take you to make ? how does number 4 work i really dont understand how you could make that ?
  7. Simon Olesen

    your favorite hours billing software

    sorry i didnt make a very good description, but i'm curious about what other people use for the purpose of billing hours without a lot of headache with different prices, things that must be done at some place, before some time, different contacts for different sites and materials/hours that must be paid for by different costumers. But that's just my problems, many people must have problems like this and maybe some people use their smartphone to keep track of things. if they do i bet they have less headaches, more precise bills, faster billing and less time lost in the office. thank you for the tip, how long does it take to add up per item a month ? maybe it would be a bit cluncky to work with though :D
  8. Simon Olesen

    your favorite hours billing software

    how do you filter through the schedule to calculate the total from bill to bill ? do you need to remember things related to the type of hours worked ?
  9. Simon Olesen

    your favorite hours billing software

    1)ideally i'd like to be billing someone all the time, just press some butten and the party changes. 2)allso it would be nice with a todo list for every client so i can remember what i need to do/order before i get there next time. regards Simon
  10. hey i'm a craftsman and i'd like to use my smartphone to keep check on the hours. do any of you do it, what software do you use, and what have you tried ?
  11. hi. i'm trying to learn programming too. i only have experience with prompt based programs from school. my starting point is: visual studio 2005 professional edition and wm5 SDK. i dont think anything else is needed, but a good getting started website. I havent found one yet :D i cant decide between useing C++ and C# :)
  12. Simon Olesen

    Bluetooth application

    what have you tried up untill now ?
  13. Simon Olesen

    how did you learn to make programs for windows mobile

    cool! get started and find out :D if you want results it might be to your advantage to take a look at this: How to ask questions the smart way Cheers :) it took me 11 minutes to write this
  14. Simon Olesen

    how did you learn to make programs for windows mobile

    cool, i cant wait to make a textbox or something that does something sensible :)
  15. Simon Olesen

    how did you learn to make programs for windows mobile

    thanks for the info, I didnt knew that. i'll be useing visual studio then. what is your preferred development invironment and language for smartphone ? hehe, it's allmost ready for handango :D

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