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  1. ive got lots of these files on my sd card,ive just deleted them.no problem so far!now ive got lots more room ;)
  2. my orange rom was until i just updated to ,i went on start,settings,about and it said my rom was !can someone tell me why it has downgraded and not updated please!im confused...and MAD! :x
  3. can someone tell me if the c600 screen is bigger than the c550 screen. thankyou
  4. no you carnt get a program that converts iles to mp3 to wma.have a look on google,there will be a program that could do this on a computer ;)
  5. how did you upgrade??i want to upgrade
  6. im on orange and i just realised it was actually a network!im confused now,wait a minute im on 02?or is it t-mobile? no no no,wait...yeh,it is orange
  7. a couple of weeks ago on the coolsmartphone website,on the main page there was some news . the BBC are trying out something new where you can download programs onto your phone and the BBC are testing this out on spv c500 with windows mobile 5.this is the bit where im confused,i thought they have discontinued the spv c500 and windows mobile 5 isnt on the spv c500. i dont think they would be an official windows mobile 5 upgrade for c500 owners as the phone is ageing.i dont get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has been racking my brain for ages. please help me Lee J
  8. hey ppl, one day i switched my phone on and i had no money on my phone,i just thought i would go on the internet to see waht happens,but for some reason the 'orange world' screen came on.so i went and double checked my balance and it was 0 pence.why did i have the internet for that day only?it is strange,it happened to my friends phone on the same day.hes got an spvc550 and i got spv c500.is there a glitch in the system?i got free internet all day again a week after too.i think i got free internet on the wednesday.thnx, maybe someone could tell me why i got free internet for that day. lee.j
  9. Could anyone tell me what the 'qtek' rom is please,im a little confused,and is it available for spv c500?sorry if this is stupid,im new to all this technical stuff ;) Lee
  10. EDIT : see forum rules - there is no legal issue of WM05 for the Typhoon
  11. Hi, can anyone tell me if a windows mobile 5.0 ROM going to be released?I am confused because in order to download BBC programmes you need an spv c500 with windows mobile 5.0.can someone help me out? thankyou Lee j
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