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  1. Replaced my i-mate sp5 screen. Fixed with no skills in 10 minutes.
  2. It happends randomly. i've tried qtek en wm6 roms and there was no error for the time i've tried. But with the original rom it works for weeks and then i get the error. Maybe a heating problem when it's in my pocket?
  3. Exact the same problem. Same rom and had the same error with kpn and now with vodafone. After an soft reset everything works ok again. I think it's a memory problem that's showing up randomly.
  4. marco899

    Business Card Scanner (yes really)

    It's a nice program. I bought it last week after trying the demo and it works pretty nice with my Tytn.
  5. marco899

    Multiple Bluetooth Devices

    No problem. I use my htc with an parrot carkit and an emtac gps at the same time.
  6. Is there an registry setting to have BT always on? I have to many times bluetooth is turned off after a softreset.
  7. marco899


    Do a search and you will find this: http://www.modaco.com/TotW_Change_the_func...ey-t208536.html
  8. Do some search and you will see that it is an hardware issue.
  9. I will try and keep you informed. Well i have give it a shot and i've got i worked! Not with the key you provided, because you have to copy the application into the windows folder. So Value="Soundrecorder.exe". Terms like Prograam Files or Storage Card won't work. No i only need the register key so that RJV Soundrecorder, start the recording.
  10. marco899

    I-Mate SP5

    What kind of method? please explaine.
  11. Thanks for the answer, but that was not my question. The soft button programming was clear for me, but i want the application on the top left button (record button fo voicenotes) asigned to the rjv application. Thus instead of voicenotes to popup, rjv must popup en record Immediately.
  12. I'am trying to get the program rjv sound recorder to set on the record button on my sp5, so that i can record phone calls with one click. Anyone a suggestion how to do this? I have search in the registry for key 121, but without succes.
  13. marco899

    I-Mate SP5

    How works pzee's hack?

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