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  1. Hi, I'm using my Vario III as a phone for the first time (it's usually only used for data and as a modem) I tried using WMA files as ring tones and while I can select them and assign them to contacts, they never actually play on an incoming call. This applies whether I have them set to ring or ring and vibrate. In both cases I get total silence and in the latter case I get no vibration either. The only ringtone that actually works is the default T-Mobile MIDI one. Anyone seen this before or have any ideas? I've run searches on it and I can't find anyone else who's had the same problem, but I hope someone has and can advise :lol: Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  2. dom

    File/folder sync sofware.

    Thanks both for the suggestions! I tried synctoy first, and it does the job though I'd have to rely on task scheduler to ensure things stay in sync, though it's good that it's free. Just about to try the other two.
  3. Hi, I've tried searching for this, but not had much luck (every search for sync brings up nearly every post that mentions activesync), so there could be results, but I haven't been able to create a search that revealed what I wanted. What I'd like to be able to do is synchronise arbitrary folders from my PC to my PocketPC's microsd card. Is there anything out there that is free (or available on Plus :))? If not does anyone have recommendations for a commercial offering (I don't need anything fancy, just something that will sync folders each time I sync my device). My current workaround is to use the functionality already in ActiveSync (you can synchronise the Windows Mobile 'My Documents' to your PC's My Documents), by putting the folders I want in the matching folder (WM_My Documents) on the PC, but this is not ideal: 1) It doesn't go to the SD card, 2) I don't want to keep everything in that folder! :D Any advice welcomed. Thanks!
  4. I think it could be the case that MS are being quite altruistic with this move. They probably want to make it a little easier for Google to get into the smartphone market with their GPhone platform. I bet that's the reason for making VS2008 that bit more expensive. Bless their little cotton socks ;)
  5. Andy, you need to press both soft-buttons and while holding them down press the main reset button with the stylus (in portrait mode this is at the bottom-right of the device just to the right of the USB port). Hold it in for a couple of secs then release while keeping the two soft buttons pressed. You should then get a screen asking you if you want to go back to the original settings (or something along those lines). Now try doing that using only one hand! ;)
  6. Hi, This may be the most obvious question ever asked and it may well have been answered hundreds of times before, but I'm not really sure what to search for to get the answers. I've recently switched from a WM 2003 PPC to a WM6 device... this is largely based on my experience with the WM2003 device 1) I write a lot of notes on my devices (using the organiser 'notes' app). Is there any way to get this to sync to my PC without having Outlook (at the moment I don't have anything in place at all). Ideally I'd like to be able to sync it with something either cheaper than outlook, or free. I don't mind changing the app I use for notes on the device, so if there's better note-taking software out there that I can sync to the PC (and ideally use to write notes on the PC to sync with the device too). 2) I like to add inline sketches to my notes on the WM2003 device, but have found that they seem to move around randomly so that they won't stay with the typed text, to I ended up giving up on the sketches... is this any better in WM6 (I haven't actually done any note-taking on it yet as everything is on the old device still (is there any sensible way to transfer between the two devices BTW?) 3) Ideally I'd like to be able to sync the calendar and todo's to the PC too (again without Outlook which would entail buying the whole of MS Office) - I don't have a preferred app for this on the PC at the moment but any recommendations are welcome. Any help on this would be appreciated (even if you say I'm doomed to have to buy Office! ;)) Thanks!
  7. dom

    8gb SDHC card launched

    Nice, though at the launch price you could get two 6Gb cards and still have change ;) Hopefully they will come down in price as quickly as previous flash cards have!
  8. Hmm, just tried jumping on the GNER wifi connection (train next to mine (their public access service)). Looks like it works on their network.... so either there's something funny going on with the device's connection to my network. Wish there was some logging on the WM side, cos I'm not seeing any errors logged on the infrastructure side of my network. On a positive note, the Vario III makes a great modem when I'm out and about. Whereas the previous phone I used as a modem (Nokia 7600 ;)) would drop the connection on the train constantly and fail to reconnect for ages, the Vario 'just works' and gets on with reconnecting to whichever cellular service it can without any hassle.
  9. Number 1) seems to be sorted. I did a hard reset and can now reliably connect again, but I still can't access anything once connected to the network. The only things I can think of are: A) Not all the DHCP settings are being set on the Vario III correctly (i.e. I've got the IP address, but perhaps the default gateway has not been picked up?) Is there any way for me to check this? (like ipconfig /all on Windows XP). I did try manually setting the DNS servers, but this didn't have any affect at all. or ;) Somehow PIE doesn't know that it should be trying to communicate via the WiFi connection - is there any way for me to check this or is it implicit? Looking at the Connections in the settings area of the device I only have "T-Mobile Internet" and "My Work Network", should there be another one for just WiFi? I couldn't see any way to add it but... Thanks.
  10. Has anyone tried using Wi-fi to connect to an access point using RADIUS with certificates? I've been trying since I got the phone, but am getting some pretty strange behaviour. Sometimes it connects and successfully obtains an IP address (I assign specific IP's to specific MAC addresses via DHCP on my network). Sometimes it just says that the network is unavailable (given that the phone is next to the access point this cannot be signal strength) - actually since the first couple of successful connections today, it has remained in this mode where it won't connect at all. When it did work my RADIUS server reported successful authentication (which it had to in order for the device to get to the point where it would receive an IP address from the DHCP server), the only problem was that I couldn't connect to anything - most basic test was to try to connect to a couple of sites using PIE - whether I used the name of the site or the IP address I got the message that it was not possible to reach the site. So in summary, I have two problems: 1) The device will no longer connect to the wireless network... I've not changed anything on that side, and the only thing I've done on the Vario III is to delete and recreate my wireless connection. 2) When I was able to connect to the network, I was unable to connect to any web-sites. I've not had a ppc with Wi-fi before so any advise on either/both the above issues would be appreciated! Thanks, Dom
  11. Mine came through today (it was an upgrade via Business support). Ordered last Monday morning.
  12. I also just got a text from T-Mobile saying that my order was going through now as they have stock in.
  13. I ordered mine as an upgrade for my Web'n'walk Pro account on Monday, Business support told me that they didn't have any stock at the moment, but would give me a courtesy call once they had them in (they couldn't give me an estimate as to when they'd have stock). Bus support are usually pretty good I find, and so I would expect them to have told me if they weren't getting any more in at all. I guess the rep who said that it was limited edition just needed 'educating' ;)
  14. Thanks Phil, that's good to know. The compact's case did well for most of it's life, but was eventually the reason the compact took a few tumbles (the case was just worn out)... Will probably be quite happy with the default for now and move on to something else further down the line.
  15. Hi, Been a while since I last posted ;) Time has come to upgrade my MDA Compact - It's been a tough little beastie, but is a bit war-torn (largely through being dropped several times onto concrete pavements while I've been running for the train! Anyhow, I'm on T-mobile's Web'n'Walk pro tariff (the one they introduced last may with a 3G data card) for £20 per-month. I phoned them Friday to ask about upgrading to a Vario III (so I'd be using it as a data device only). They offered it for £190 which seems reasonable for the low monthly spend and will be a huge upgrade over my current 'modem' (a '3' Nokia 7600 of 2004 vintage) - I couldn't use the PC card that came with the W'n'W service as it was a PC Card and my latest laptop only has an ExpressCard slot. Just wondering though... does it come with a case in the box (the Compact came with one, not the best in the world but serviceable)? If not, anyone got recommendations for a good one that you can put on your belt? Many thanks.

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