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  1. Hello, i am maked simple program for iPaq 614c for use with Yevg001 Windows Mobile 6.1 ROMs. Is it for fast set some tweaks. Features: show/hide SIM contacts, enable/disable XT9, enable/disable threaded SMS, enable/disable DATA disconect button in tooltip, HW & SW reset ToDo: Add more cool features Use: extract anywhere you want and run (i have it on card and after every flash i simply run from file explorer) Known bugs: sometimes delete all mesages from inbox after change threaded SMS settings. Please backup your SMS or do this tweak after HReset or flash new ROM. If any1 have some new ideas for new tweaks, please write here (problem+solution) and i can add. Enjoy :D because its a freeware :D iPaq_614_utils3.zip
  2. kissman

    MPx220 Flashlight??

    i read book night with my mobile, i read more than 4 hour every day... ;) and nothing problem... :( 8)
  3. kissman

    MPx220 Flashlight??

    hey man, not SIM unlock but Application security unlock! You must unlock you phone! :shock: :exclaim: ](*,)
  4. You must have unlocked phone for change this value ih registry!
  5. kissman

    MPx220 Flashlight??

    look in registry for [Mpx 220\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\KeyBd] string CameraCommandLine and data \Storage\Program Files\silix\flash.exe. If you have got this in registry, cab must be work or you have not unlocked phone. I tested the cab and work very good. Use this for unlock your phone http://rapidshare.de/files/16522716/SDA_Application.zip.html
  6. kissman

    MPx220 Flashlight??

    i worked in night and here is my work. Flashlight packed in CAB installer with bind to photo launch button. After install, phone must be restarted. Long press of photobutton start application with light default ON! 8) and now, i am going sleep... ;) << http://kissman.xhosting.cz/Mobilnaut.cz%20...0by%20Silix.cab >> for unlock your phone, use this sda unlock << http://rapidshare.de/files/16522716/SDA_Application.zip.html >>
  7. kissman

    MPx220 Flashlight??

    for all, new version in english language is availaible... ;) and have autostart flash on ;) download here... http://rapidshare.de/files/16513764/FlashLight_en.rar.html NOTE: we must have unlocked phone by SDA unlock or other unlock for your phone...!!! Aplication have real acces to hardware.
  8. kissman

    Sync Mpx200 in linux

    look to synce homepage on sourceforge. Here is support device list... ;) use google... ;)
  9. kissman

    Sync Mpx200 in linux

    i am write article about sync in linux, if you wait one week, I translate to english... ;) look here, its my workpage http://www.mobilnaut.cz/index.php?inc=art&...201.%20%E8%E1st
  10. kissman

    MPx220 Flashlight??

    hey mans... 8) solution is on a world, today I find software whitch can swith ON you LED flaslhlight on your Mpx220 without endless... ;) ;) but is only russian.. :( :) here is: http://www.motorolka.ru/modules/mydownload...sit.php?lid=629
  11. kissman

    My Rom Testing

    hehe... generic 1.49 is the bugger fw which I have. Incorrect java support, Incorrect interpreter for commands (non working restart device), unstable with card more than 1gb...
  12. kissman

    how to install opera mini

    as other java apps on mpx220, connect to opera web and download and install it, but WITHOUT card inserted... ;) after install and run you can put card back to dfevice. For internet acces you can use your pc via ActiveSync.
  13. kissman

    Activesync 4.1 won't connect

    first, try update firewall settings, if not help, try restart your device and computer, try reinstall device driver and async... This bug I have only with latest cingular roms... if you have it, try reflash to other rom... ;)
  14. kissman

    Noob question

    no problem... ;)
  15. kissman

    Noob question

    hey man... look.. picture one is, if gprs is inactive and picture two is if gprs active. Piture one: Picture two: this is photos by external display of MPx220, if your status same as on picture one, gprs NOT draining your battery, its only information if gprs is present in your provider network. Draining of your battery is possibly by incoming data ON... ;) look to the settings and turn off ;) if its on, irda is still on!

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