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  1. Don't use this ridiculously buggy link2sd, apps 2 sd dissapear, link 2 sd dissapear, what a joke devoloper, avoid!
  2. some users from a dutch forum orderd from there (so yeah they do ship internationally) and they recieved the 1633 version and someone even got the older 1623 version. i bought this device for 170 euro from a site in the netherlands which is a bargain imo, i have the 1633 version and dont have much complaints.. correct me if im wrong but for the sensor/buttons to work on gingerbread/honeycomb we need the kernel source ?
  3. its called lemonade tycoon.........
  4. fuku

    smartphones in the US

    lol i hear they talk funny in texas and its europe.....
  5. fuku

    TV Remote Update

    ok tech, hope you can use it my tv i would like to see supported -SHARP -28LF94E -dont know the hex code but this code is from the remote: RC5010-11 will look further on it. Good luck creating such a great app and good luck with your exams. EDIT: i guess you probarly already know this site : http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/codes/ too bad mine tv remote modelnumber isnt between there...but they have a sh't load of hex codes for tv remotes....
  6. nah, still way slower then smartnes, if the action/gameplay starts the sound is all f-ed and its terrible slow, while smartnes just plays perfectly ... the smartnes source you can obtain by messaging the author although when he quit the project 2 years ago he asked a bit of money for the source but that was 2 years ago........ http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=98729
  7. well to be honest,pocketnester sux compared to smartnes, speed and sound is way better with smartnes.
  8. mine is crashing too just after start up (it goes back to the explorer i use: resco) im using WM 5 , normal screen...
  9. fuku


    buggy...paralex one is way better ! also a dumb viewer for roms, annoying if u wanna load a rom...
  10. fuku

    What games do you want

    picodrive , rom: risk i would like to see gta... (gbc ones suck....)
  11. tried 2 roms: super mario allstars and super mario kart, both return to the file explorer on a low resolution phone..
  12. fuku

    New Battery MPx 200

    thx for the tip man thats awesome, could you also try it with heavy use of ur phone and then see how long you can use it ... :)

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