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  1. What happened to the thread? Has it been pulled or just been moved? :) Cheers
  2. sweet! may have to transfer! But 02 Shop have released a new tarrif today... 1000 minutes (anytime cross-network) + 150 texts Free calls to landline/ any uk mobile from Friday midnight to Monday midnight (Fair use policy of 2000 minutes per month applies). For
  3. Does the T-Mobile FlextT35 with Web'n'Walk allow you to use GPRS for push email thought?
  4. Hi, Check out PMRecorder... http://www.1800message.com/default.aspx Works perfect on my sp5. Regards
  5. What app do we use to edit the properties of a shortcut? Thanks
  6. New camera app? huh? Any chanhce of a link some info about it as I must have missed it. Thanks
  7. According to this review, the circles on the keypad will not be in the final released model http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/t...nl/artikel/5499 It will look this... ?
  8. I agree...looks fugly compared to the i-mate sp5!!
  9. Thanks for the info...so I could test push email from home then. Will check out fasthosts and see if they can offer push email for my domain. Cheers
  10. Don't you need an SMS gateway aswell? Or is MS Exchange Server 2003 + SP2 all that is required for Push Email. Does anyone know if anyone if offering push email (I have my own domain name with email and would like to make it push). Many thanks
  11. Just tried this but it still only downloads v1.2 for smartphone which doesn't seem to be fullscreen. ;) Anyone else managed to download qvga version? EDIT: Don't worry - managed to downloaded v1.22 from here! Thanks
  12. When the menu comes up, you're right that you can't navigate using the joystick...BUT you can press the associated number on your keypad which is listed to the menu item. That works but bloody annoying. I think that's an MS bug and not i-mates.
  13. I think is my problem, I have no services listed when I check the properties of the paired headset. So my device must be faulty. I'm not sure who the manufacturer of the device is, it's a generic one I think. Can you recommend a good one to buy? One with 100m would be good.
  14. Excellent, thanks - I totally forgot about the Audio Adaptor. Tested it out and it works great! One more thing, hope you can help...I have a usb bluetooth adaptor on my pc. I paired my headset with the pc (shows in my bluetooth devices panel) but the headset still flashes the blue led, and I can't anything to play through it. Tried it via my laptop and same thing. Do you think my USB Bluetooth adaptor coud be faulty? Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  15. OK guys, I have now got myself this lovely piece of kit. Really impressed with it. Excellent recommendation. One thing though...as the imate sp5 does not support A2DP, how can I play mp3s through the headset using BlueTunes? I've tried and although voice calls work fine, music from media player still plays through the speaker. Please help ! Thanks
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