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  1. Hi, I use The Core Player (TCPMP) version 0.72 to play: - DIVX - FLV and many other formats. It is free, just google it or search at Modaco or SPV developers.
  2. Hi in the SMTP domain just add :XX where XX is the port you need to use (in your case 26) i.e.: smtp.domain.com:26
  3. Caller ID In settings / Phone/ Caller ID it gives 3 options to show/hide your ID when making a call, allowing you to show it to: - Everyone - No one - Only my contacts When trying "Only my contacts", people in your contacts cannot see your ID, as if it were "No one" setting.
  4. hi It is very easy to unlock the spv c550 even without any sim! it toke me just five minutes and it was free, thanks to MODACO and SPV Developers How? I will quote them first Connect your spv-c550 to your PC via USB and let it syncro by ActiveSync. The spv-c550 should be keeped connected to your PC during the entire following process (with the ActiveSync running). This should be automatic. then, you have to Application Unlocking in order to install and use programs. You have to install a Registry Editor in your phone. The problem is that you can't transfer any *.exe file to your phone, but you may overcome this issue by zipping it in your Pc, then transfer the zip to the phone, unzipping it there and running the exe in the spv c550. to have the Registry Editor please use the attached file (below) regeditSTG.zip Now you can edit the following Registry entries: HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies\00001001 = 1 (RAPI) HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies\00001005 = 40 (Cert) How to do: run the regeditSTG in your spv-c550 select and click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE go to Security and click, there go to Policies and click, there go to Policies and click, then click on the left soft key Values, then select and click 00001001 and change the value data to 1, then click on the left soft key Done. Now select the 00001005 and change the value to 40, click done. Now back back back... until exit the regeditSTG. At this point you have done it. Once this values have been changed your spv-c550 should be Application Unlock (thanks to Zone-MR at SPV-Developers) Now it is time to finally SIM Un-Lock: go to: http://www.spv-developers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=236 download and use the SPV-Services client. If I remember well you should first unzip the file in your PC, copy and run the Cert.cab in your spv-c550 (you can do it thanks to the Application unlock you have done before), the run the SPVServices.exe form your PC and follow the instructions to SIM Unlock
  5. I cut and paste something interesting I have found in spv developer. I haven't tried it yet. Please, if you try it post here your results.
  6. this may help with the head speakers and the mic: an adapter from 2.5mm jack to a 3.5mm with incorporated mic. in this way you would use any good quality normal head speaker. After a long search I found this at e-bay: http://cgi.ebay.it/2-5mm-to-3-5mm-Mobile-P...1QQcmdZViewItem regards
  7. Hi there! I would be great if someone would be so smart to discover a way of mapping the spv c550 media buttons to another player or application... CORE (TCPMP) is a far better player, with more options than the slim WMP or the trashy Orange one, like equalizer, possibility to create playlist directly from the device (WMP sync if almost impossible...), play of Divx, etc. please, please, please... can anyone try something before everybody will jump to the marketing trick spv c600... (which is not the SP5, as orange convert it in just a spv c550 with WM5) thanks
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