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  1. I've got it !!!! :P:p:p:p Wonderful... No more test now, it's time to post it : BASEBAND 1120 ( SU660 @ P990 Porting ) RIL 1120 ( SU660 @ P990 Porting ) - SO File - Manual Installation RIL 1120 ( SU660 @ P990 Porting ) - ZIP File - CWM Flashable NB RIL 1120 ZIP Flashable may tell u "824 RIL updated succesfully"... Don't panic, it's 1120 RIL but I compiled with my old 824 ZIP archive... :P RIL IS NOT NECESSARY WITH ICS ROMS, WITH OR WOTHOUT IT, IT'S THE SAME FOR ME SO FIRST TRY AVOIDING RIL AND BOOT ONLY AFTER HAVING FLASHED BB... RIL by Ryaneu ( thx man ) :o For me, everything works fine: * GPS => great time fix gain and good signal strenght * 2G / 3G => good signal strenght almost everywhere and very good quality * WIFI=> works fine but no noticeable improvement from 824, anyway good as all the rest MD5SUM : 67b69daf79d95e26f81f9e9d4a3cdbb5 (Thanks to Temasek ) Please test it and report all bug, ok ? Enjoy all !!! EDIT 1 : JUST ARRIVED RIL 1120... Testing it on course... It's not verified up to now so don't complain in case of problems ok ?! :o :o :o EDIT 2 : 1120 RIL appears to be the same old 824... Bahhhh it's just working, it's not needed, not necessary but if u want flash it ;) RIL 1120 OR RIL 824 ARE ONLY FOR CM7 & CM9... DON'T FLASH THEM ON STOCK / MCR ROMS !!!!
  2. I posted it on our italian forum last week. Now it's everywhere :) We like it, it works well such as 725 and better then this one... As signal quality, signal power and battery drain... Good BB ! :D
  3. 1 feature we all need... that a ginger version based rom can be stable, fast and believable like now cyano roms, arrived @ 154° version... :P
  4. [OT] :lol: :lol: As I say... SO based is 823. I compiled it using updater script & binary from 725 but I was not able to re-edit them with the text part 725 @ 823 <_< [CLOSE OT] Now... We've to return to GR3.... B)
  5. @ PAUL U could include latest BB: BB 823 ( 23.08.11 ) and latest RIL: RIL 823 ( 23.08.11 ) NB this RIL, after flashing, says 725 but don't worry, it's 823... ;)
  6. Pycon

    ROM install error 117

    It's sufficient greek update to force the updating of another rom vendor... :D
  7. Don't write same post in 2 3D ok? :( Look other post...
  8. Smart Explorer or Total Commander. :(
  9. Pycon

    qtek8080 ugrading problem

    Ohhhh guys, don't worry. :D There's a solution in web to do this : Upgrade Boot Loader 1.05 @ Boot Loader 1.07x Once update the Boot Loader, u can easily upgrade your phone to every rom u want. :( Now I'm searching out this howto in google but no success, perhaps it's on the old archive of another forum. Help me to search it, if it can be useful to fix this issue. :D
  10. Pycon

    Internet problem

    Me too. :rolleyes:
  11. Simple! Just put a shortcut in startup folder... :rolleyes:
  12. Hi men, I've discovered the little software named TI OMAP OVERCLOCK and it works well on my E200... :( Incredible! The phone boots more quickly, sart menu is more faster and very more fast are also many programs, like TCPMP for divx and mp3, media player, doom and others programs... :rolleyes: Very cool...
  13. Pycon

    qtek 8080 firmware

    I remember everyone that flash E200 with a ROM different from the "brand" of the own phone is not legal... :rolleyes: So, best rom for stability/battery life/poor bugs is ORANGE :(

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