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  1. If you have ever wanted to check your PayPal balance and transactions on your phone, then PayPhone Lite is the app for you. FEATURES: * See your current PayPal balance * View your recent transactions - 6 months for the free version, or 12 months when purchased * LiveTile displays your balance, and any changes, on the phone main screen. * View detailed information about each transaction * Filter your recent transaction by date, and type SECURITY FEATURES: * All data sent between PayPhone Lite and PayPal is securely encrypted * PayPhone Lite NEVER has access to your PayPal password * All data securely encrypted on the phone * PIN/Password protected access to the application PayPhone Lite, from YellowStar, allows you to quickly and easily check your current balance and see your recent transactions. PayPhone Lite gives you secure access to your PayPal account, your PayPal password is never sent to, or stored, on the phone and all the data that is downloaded is encrypted. You can set a PIN or password to secure the app from unauthorised access. The process of setting up access to your PayPal account is all managed from the app, and only needs to be done once. You can use the app for free, or you can buy it to remove the adverts and enable the LiveTile, which shows you your current balance, together with notifications if it has changed. Available in the here in the MarketPlace.
  2. rupert_hollom

    Signal Strength Poor?

    I have heard/read that there is meant to be a firmware update that brings better network performance - details are here http://wmpoweruser.com/new-samsung-omnia-7...-omnia-8-leaks/ Mine is on Orange, so unless I unlock it I will have to wait for Orange to release an updated firmware I presume
  3. rupert_hollom

    DLNA to Omnia 7

    Looks like I'll have to break out Visual Studio and see what I can do... Just need to find some free time first!
  4. Recently got an Omnia 7 and am loving the phone, all seems to be setup OK, and can sync when plugged in to the PC via USB, but cannot get it to connect using WiFi Sync. The phone connects to the WiFi OK, and it would appear that the Zune software picks up the wireless network correctly (the PC is wired, but connects to the same network as the wireless). I have put the phone on charge and left it, but nothing seems to happen - what should I expect, does the Zune software start when the phone connects to sync over the wireless? I did notice that it was mentioned somewhere that WiFi syncing does not work on a 'Work' network - what is meant by this, I am running a domain at home, could that be the problem? Cheers, Rupert.
  5. rupert_hollom

    DLNA to Omnia 7

    Finally bit the bullet and got myself an Omnia 7, very pleased with it so far. At home I have got a DLNA server running with all my media on it that I use to stream to the PS3, computers, TV etc, just wondering if there was a way that I could see the DLNA server from the phone so I could play music that way, rather than syncing it via Zune? Had a quick look around and can't find an app that will do it, but perhaps I am missing something? Cheers, Rupert
  6. rupert_hollom

    Windows Mobile 7 Coming to HTC HD2?

    I hope that there is confirmation that Mobile 7 is goingto be available on the HD2, would be a good driver for people to buy knowing they can upgrade. I am concerned that MS will continue to loose marketshare to Apple and Google until they show that they are taking the phone market seriously, and even then it might be too late with the momentum and interest that the other 2 have garnered - Microsoft are going to have some serious marketing budget behind Windows Phone / Mobile 7 if they want to get a decent market share. I think a dual OS strategy will just confuse the majority of potential users - as with most things the best solution is the simplest - therefore get cracking on Mobile 7 and get it out the door and onto devices!
  7. Is this ROM suitable for everyday use? Does it have the HTC Sense, or TouchFlo UI over the standard Windows one? Finally if I wish to flash my phone with this ROM which of the downloads do I need? Cheers
  8. Just as a matter of interest - where do you put the phone whilst cycling, I put mine in the back pocket of my cycling top but it appeared to loose the GPS signal, although it was quite a while ago and I might have used the power button rather than let SportyPal turn the screen off itself. Cheers.
  9. rupert_hollom

    More HD2 News

    All good points, and I agree with you but if I where to spend £500 ish on the phone I would like to have the ability to upgrade to the latest/greatest OS available officially - I know that there will be versions floating around that have been unofficially ported across, but it is always nice to be able to go back to the manufacturer if something goes wrong! I think I had better start saving as I do rather fancy upgrading from my Diamond to this one... Cheers, Rupert.
  10. rupert_hollom

    More HD2 News

    Looking at this one as well, but will it be upgradable to WM7 - some places I read it will, others claim that the specs do not match the WM7 requirements. Does anyone know for sure, if it isn't upgradable it certainly looses quite a bit of interest for me. Cheers, Rupert.
  11. rupert_hollom

    HD2 and Touch2 coming to T-Mobile

    I'm hoping that something happens on Orange soon, my upgrade is coming up soon - although with the announcement of the iPhone, perhaps it is time to defect, although I don't want to follow the iPhone herd, it does look like a nice phone!
  12. Does this ROM contain the latest version of Google Maps, with the pedestrian routes? Cheers, Rupert.
  13. rupert_hollom

    EMail Inbox always shows 1 unread message!

    Thanks for the replies, I was hoping that i wouldn't have to delete the account and start again - but it looks like that is the answer, perhaps I will take the opportunity to install a new Rom as well.
  14. rupert_hollom

    EMail Inbox always shows 1 unread message!

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the one unread item is showing as being in the Inbox - even when it is empty!
  15. rupert_hollom

    Orderd my HTC Touch HD

    I am so tempted to order one as well, currently got a Diamond, nice phone but after having it for a while don't like the angular styling of it much. The Mrs. would go mad id I turned up with a new phone so soon!

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