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  1. Network coverage is dependant on your location not every network has covergae in every area. For each of the networks there will be a coverage map on their website, just check to see if you are in good area for your chosen network. As regards to mobiles.co.uk tariffs they insist that you have the unlimted text bolton where as if you speak to o2 directly they will be able to provide at least 500 text as part of the tariff and then will allow you to have the bolton as unltimted data. I am nnot quite sure how mobiles.co.uk can stop you speaking to o2 to change your bolton without affecting your tariff, unless in their small print they are referring to deals which offer cash back via redemption.
  2. First hiccup. Cannot get mms to send on o2 (contract) does anyone have the correct settings. This is the first WM phone I have had problems with MMS
  3. I would recommend a lighter Rom straight away - it makes a massive difference. My wife is very happy with it except for it not having a lanyard loop. The camera seems better than expected judging from the indoor image see sent me. I have a had a quick go of the keyboard but was not too impressed coming from the Xperia X1. The screen though is something else. At the moment the only software added is SPB wallet and Backup plus Resco explorer so little chance to play with much else.
  4. First report. The Acer Today replacement is slow. It gives a greatdeal of lag and has resulted in a few soft resets. Removing this from the Rom has chnaged it into an all together different beast. The phone now zips along. Althought the phone is slightly bigger than the XDA stellar it replaces. (make me an offer on that if you like - it is in v.good condition) It is lighter, and the screen is outstanding. It dwarfes my X1 screen. Just installing all the usual suspects, Opera, Spb backup etc. Will report more once we have had a chance to get it set up properly. But first impressions are very positive (once the Acer "desktop" is removed)
  5. My wifes has just arrived. She has it on charge at the moment. Will update later
  6. Check you spam folder. I received three emails in total, one for a failed order as I put a wrong digit in on my Card number. There service I have found has been very good. Better than expansys's. The last time I ordered off them involved a trip to Manchester to sort there problems out.
  7. Ordered one today for the current Mrs markda2000 to replace her ageing XDA Stellar. At this price it is a no brainer, she is currently on a simo only plan and this would save money compared to getting a new handset on even a 12month agreement (if they still exist). Clove have emailed and it should be with us on the 16th Sep. I will report back how I find it and more importantly how the other half finds it, once it has been put through it's paces. Must admit I am interested to see how TomTom fairs on that big screen.
  8. The latest beta I have had is from the 12.12.09 from the previous wass on the 4th dec, so was hoping this issue would have been resolved by the latest build. I am sure they will get it working, I';m just impatient. :rolleyes:
  9. I have just got the latest beta for redfly which is supposed to work with the x1 The icons and fonts though are very large. has anyone else downloaded the beta and found the same?
  10. Missed the courier delivering mine yesterday. Had to pick it up from the depot this morning. First impressions are really good. Superb buidl quality except for the power connector being loose. works with most programs on the Stella, except for games and Opera 9.5. I am using the Redfly to type this post. TomTom looks great as does Documents To Go. I have compromised and am using Netfront 3.5 when connected to the Redfly, and Opera without. My wireless mouse works great too. One downside is my unit does not work on battery power and will have to return it for a replacemnt on Monday. Apart from that very impressed and hopefully I can find a workaround for Opera 9.5
  11. ordered mine and the voucher worled too. expecting delivery on Friday. ;)
  12. Paul How did you manage to get to a "check out" for a Uk delivery?
  13. I have been having difficulty for some time trying to receive appointments on my phone with my gmail account. I have asked for any guidance from the gmail forums but to no avail has anyone here got a gmail account and been able to accpet appointments? Cheers Mark
  14. Just to let all you o2 mobile users know the Stellar has a rom update courtesy of o2 to 6.1 http://www.my-xda.com/software_updates.jsp
  15. same here on my TYTN II anyone got any direct links or a cab file?
  16. o2 do not lock their handsets
  17. o2 call centre in India - i don't thinks so, all staff uk based, that does not mean you have not spoke to an indian employee of o2 who happens to be in th uk though :D
  18. Philipines constitutes as foreign to me. I had to wait 3 months for them to finally give me an unlock code for my MDA Pro, despite paying for the code up front. Yes you are right it is illegal to charge for a pac code, but i was told i had to pay and it had to be charged to a credit card. the reason being that is could be used before the end of the minimum term and the only way they would do it for free was after the min term. with it taking to two days to port that would effectively mean the min length of contract would be the min term plus 2 days. This was ported out the very day out of min term and i am still trying to claim back the charge for the pac. o2 on the other hand will not charge for issuing a pac at any time, the only charge will occur would be if the pac is used and the disconnection is effective before the end of the minimum term. Don't get me wrong I have spoke to some good people at tbag, but most leave a lot to be desired, one of the things that has occured on several occasion is being given completly wrong infomation off cs staff who then never leave a note and you have no comeback.
  19. i hope you enjoy your foreign call centres, being charged for pac codes to leave apaliing customer service and staff who will not give the same answer to a question if asked twice
  20. Markda2000

    o2 data tarrifs

    I understand the difference, i was merely answering two of your points, one the speed is not restricted to 120kbps and the fact that I have downloaded 200mb in a day indicates a faster speed than 120kbs, which means it is possible to go over that amount also in a month quite easily. I understand that my data usage is very heavy, but it just goes to shows that it is completely unrestricted on o2
  21. Markda2000

    o2 data tarrifs

    the 120kbps restriction is not accurate at all. used 200mb in a day last week on o2
  22. Markda2000

    o2 data tarrifs

    o2 removed any fair usage policy on their unlimited data tariffs over a month ago now . Also if you have an edge capable phone whether it is 3g or not it will work on Edge where availble, and with o2 heavily committed to the iphone then anyone with an Edge capable 2g handset will certainly benefit from the edge rollout
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