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  1. hi, just to update i've managed to get it all working now, just needed to add a line in the extra initialization command box thats in the advanced properties of the modem.
  2. Sorry I don't really understand IP addresses and DNS stuff :rolleyes: What I have been doing is turning off my laptops built in wireless adapter which i normally use for my internet connection, then turning on my bluetooth DUN connection. I get a little bubble pop up from the taskbar of my desktop saying ' DUN connection now connected at 115kbps'. Then I try to go to my homepage (google) but get this message : Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage Most likely causes: You are not connected to the Internet. The website is encountering problems. There might be a typing error in the address. Like I said I can access web pages without a problem on the phone its self? but not through my web browser on the laptop. .......................................aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhh............. ...................
  3. Im in the UK and using O2. I'm going to get a t mobile pay as you go sim card. They're only 50p to buy and charge you a maximum of £1 for unlimited data use!. As far as my problem with my current DUN connection. I looked around on the web to find the correct settings which were username : mobileweb password : password number to dial : *99# using these settings i have established a good connection via my phones modem (115 kbps) but cant use the web browser on my laptop? I thought my sim card must be data enabled as it lets me view web pages on my phone?
  4. Hi, I'm trying to use my SP5 as a bluetooth modem so I can use my laptop when I'm out and about. I've paired the SP5 to my windows XP laptop and created a new connection. The created connection is bluetooth DUN and I can get it connected no problem at 115kps. Now when I try to launch internet explorer I get the cannot connect error? It must be something really simple to get it to view web pages as I know I have got the modem connected. Can someone please help me as it's driving me crazy! :rolleyes:
  5. My screens cracked too, just the LCD. I'm lost without use of my SP5, I'm going to try and claim the cost of repair/replacement on the house insurance! I've attached a picture of my poorly phone!
  6. hi, on pocket snes the joystick wont press up in portrait mode or left in landscape mode, but it works ok on pico drive? i'm using them on a SP5. any ideas whats wrong? BTW i'm using the latest versions of both emu's.
  7. Simple question really, will copilot 6 run on my SP5, I've already got a bluetooth GPS reciever and a 512mb memory card, so am looking to buy the software only version of Copilot live 6.
  8. WOW!! Just tried both on them on my imate SP5 and they're fantastic! Pocket snes is not quite full speed but still enjoyabley playable, but it cannot beat playin sonic in full landscape mode on picodrive :-), its sooo much better than portrait mode. Jus wish i could use the camera,volume or comunications button on my phone as the jump button for playin sonic, think it would be easier to play, then both hands would be either side of the screen. Got a 3 hour train journey on saturday, at least i'm not gonna be bored now! cheers Parallax20
  9. Are the PDA maps of tom tom 5 the same as the smartphone versions? Im after tom tom for my imate SP5, I already have a GPS reciever and I can only find tom tom mobile 5 bundles with a GPS reciever included, Have tom tom not released the software on its own like they have for the PDA?
  10. Got my SP5 last week, well worth getting one! Live not too far away (Spennymoor)
  11. Has anyone brought out an emulator that uses the full screen on a C550/ SP5 yet? I have smartnes and picodrive, but they only use 75% of the screen :cry:
  12. Ive installed picodrive and smartnes onto my SP5 but they only use 75% of the screen. :D is there any emulators out yet which use the full display. also has anyone got pocketnes to work on the SP5? I just want some old school action on my phone! ;)
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