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  1. This might be a very stupid question...? But i have a new hp data messenger - good times.. I can't seem to get the 3g to work, and i can't seem to see how it could. All i can see under connections is GPRS? - Bad times.. :D ;) Am i being silly does the phone just use the GPRS at 3G speed? If not how do i set it up and what settings do i use for orange?
  2. :D Sounds like your throwing a mission my way :rolleyes: I'll ring the guy tommorrow. :P B) ;) Cheers Paul! :rolleyes:
  3. Does / Can CamerAware support the THBury car kits? www.iplug.de offer a fantasic plugin to allow the HP range of phones (HW 6910-6915-69xx ) etc function so when a call is made, recieved etc it is correctly routed via the thb bury kit. ( THBury make the OEM car kits for Audi / VW ) The iplug plugin is completly transparant and is free download, the best thing is camerAware can talk (i.e. announce through the car kit ) because iplug has a API. Software such as Navigon use this API with great sucess, It's a good link up as the HP Hw series has built in GPS.. IPLUG can be found here>>> www.iplug.de look for carkitmode THB can be found here>>>> http://www.bury.com/technologies/GB/hands-...ke&Talk/HP/ I will happily be a guinea pig if required! :rolleyes:
  4. Well i'm not sure but it might be a battery issue.... Wierd...
  5. I had the same as well rang orange and it turned up the next day :)
  6. I've been thinking is there a way to hack the registry to make bluetooth stay on all the time... ?
  7. HELP! My and 2 others M5000's are driving us mad.. The bluetooth is randomly switching off, you switch it on and it stays paired for a while then it turns off again. Other times it is paired but it wont work as a headset switch it off and back on and it works. We have 3 doing this. I have tried hard reseting without the orange overlay and it still doesn't work (and my answerphone spool wont show now but thats antoher problem). The phones are a mixure of the latest and previous rom versions. The device we are pairing with is a THB Bury car kit designed for the M5000, we also have a M3100 doing the same with a ford car kit? Any ideas? Please help!!! :)
  8. THB Bury do a full car kit. Although the M5000 Bluetooth has issues ie it is crap.. :)
  9. Help! How just using a USb cable a laptop and my M5000 connect it all up to use as a 3G modem? ;) Any help will be :cool: Cheers!!
  10. I cant see any wm5 themes. I emailed and never got a reply.... the site doesnt list the m5000 either?
  11. Hi Guys, has anyone done this and do you have any tips? I will be using my own certificate so will i need to application unlock the unit? aka the c500 - c550? If so how do i do this? Any hints would be great ;) ;)
  12. I solved my issue by ensure the phone is synced first and then opening WMP10. It found the C550 andsynced :) Might not work for everyone but WMP10 can't find the device after it's started up? ;)
  13. Major Bug>> Your on a call. Another call coming in and is call waiting, you tell the first party you have another call and accept the 2nd new call either pressing the accept softkey or the green button.... You can hear nothing the call timer starts for the new call but nothing happens. The calling party on the 2nd call hears electronic white noise!! BTH the c500 was always a bit ropey in this area you would lose 30% of calls, the C550 loses 95% of calls in this scenerio The c500 issue was in some way linked to the locked kepadand even though it ever gave ou the option if you did the keypress's to unlock and then accepted the 2nd call it worked.. It looks like they have fixed the locked issue and screwed the rest! :)
  14. I did everything by the book for some E200's i bought and they refused to admit the got the letters blah blah blah, they know the scam inside out...... I gave up i have more interesting things to worry about. But the fact is they conned me out of money. They are scum. DO NOT BUY FROM ONE SHOP CON SHOP!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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