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  1. In the new WMDC how do i remove a program from both the device and computer? i.e. delete the application from the “Add/Remove Programs” list, this could easily be done in ActiveSync but cant seem to find the option in WMDC!
  2. Just tried it.. the down side is that it badly integrates into what-ever homescreen is loaded during the install (not all homescreen are designed to use MS's modular layout), why dosent it just create its own homescreen.. It also has to be run from the homescreen plugin and cant be launched as a separate start menu application, in case you dont want it on the homescreen.. On the plus is looks a tad better than what MS usually does and introduces a new softkey layout (three buttons instead of two) that seems like a nice change not wasting too much screen space, similar to some Asian phones.. But why oh! Why? does MS bother keep churning out half backed solutions, they own the OS!! update it, integrate it, make solutions that work together rather than ones that feel like theyve been welded together in the same way as second hand cars.. from a usability prospective and a long time MS supporter i have to admit that the iPhone is kicking MS left right and centre, in terms of providing a simple consistent UI.. Common MS!! its not rocket science, simplicity and consistency not half backed solutions. If you don’t have the in house expertise, hire an undergrad they'll probably do a better job.. enough ranting, hers waiting for WM7.. or the next iPhone..
  3. GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth scanner with source-code, useful for developers. URL: http://www.vodafonebetavine.com/web/AirScanner/ Nb. free though site registration required.. which is also free.
  4. Sunset v2.2 GPS logger can also be used to geo-tag photos, works on most windows mobile devices. ;)
  5. url: http://www.vodafonebetavine.com/web/SunsetGPSLogger/ Sign-up required to download but that too is free and not too much of a hassle.
  6. Think i found a possible solution ;-) AEBPlus: http://ae.inc.ru/aebplusfaq.php This little app has some cool features that allows you to re-assign all hardware buttong including the 'Red' end call and 'Green' start call buttons.. Nb. Ill be using that for now, but am still on the lookout for a proper OS hack as not to take up any system resources.. cos although AEBPlus is handling the button, its still firing off continously in the background.. thanks
  7. Looked around the registry but didn
  8. Help! Need to Reassign/Disable Hardware key.. My
  9. Theirs so many good Free and Commercial apps out there that I cant bring myself to buy an app simply to redirect Bluetooth!! Is that wrong? Nb. Im not saying any of the above mentioned BT applications are not worth the money for all the other options they provide, but to simply redirect Bluetooth I have to pay!! The best thing about Windows Mobile is its hackability, seeing Bluetooth is stored by default to
  10. Sniper is possibly a good app but its not free and I have no need for all its extra features.. plus its yet another application that you have to keep running in the background.. There
  11. Is there a quick registry hack or a free application that can do this, cant believe WM5 doesn
  12. Nb. OmapClock is a handy little utility that can 'Over Clock' the entire phone or a specific applications, with the filetypes im trying to just over clock the phone when im playing media files (so that they run smoothly in TCPMP), then to return the phone to normal, so it dosent have to constantly run in an over clocked mode.. http://www.modaco.com/OmapClock-t236252.html
  13. Is it possible to pass application parameters along with an OmapClock link so that I my *.mpg file type will be auto launched with TCPMP . Filetype before OmapClock "\Storage Card\Program Files\PocketTV\PocketTV.exe" "%1" Filetype with OmapClock ?? "\Windows\OmapClock.exe" -clock 264 -launch "\Storage Card\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe" "%1" -restore thanks
  14. Is their a way to download files from the internet e.g. zip durectly to SD.. Currently is it automatically downloads it to the phones memory, without asking, is their a way to change this. Thanks
  15. moved to: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost....16&SiteID=1

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