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  1. Are they still working on smartphones in the size region of the Tornado, i know that made a 3g version but are they bringing out anything exciting. Seems like they are just messing around with bits left over in the factory from 12 months ago. Dont want a PDA, but it seems all other manufactures are releasing great products but nothing exciting with WM5 on. May have to get an iphone, nokia etc unless a decent WM5 smartphone that has moved on from the Tornado by leaps and bounds comes out soon. How hard is it to release a tornado with a 3mp camera and a better processor, i mean, that phone is old now, its just the next step imo!
  2. thanks for the reply but i tried this and it would only find ringtones in the root of the memory card not in a folder for some reason. Is there a setting i need to change. thanks
  3. i often add music to the memory card on my sp5m and them have to update the library to see the new tracks. but all the ringtomes go back into the library and i have to remove them everytime. is there a way around this, perhaps only update the library from one folder for example. thanks for any help-.
  4. but im also like asdfzxcv, i would like some sort or smartphone improvement from HTC, tornado has been around for a long long time (in phone terms) so surely the could make a tornado with 128 ram, 2/3 mp camera, thats alone would make me upgrade. There is no point me upgrading from my tornado to gain 3g and lose my wifi, its crazy They must have been able to improve on the smartphone from the date of the tornado to today! i understand the pocket pcs from htc have improved but the smartphones are very very slow with the improvements. you have to agree with that surely.
  5. Sorry awarner, you are right, it was a little broad to say about all devices, im changing my story now :rolleyes: How about looking at just the smartphones, the new smartphones still have 1.3mp camera, surely they could have got 2 + in there, also, off the top of my head, they have released one with 2mp but without wifi. I cant see that they have improved smartphones since the sp5m, granted they have one with 3g, but thats it. Gigabyte G-Smart i128,looks like better smartphones to me, im not looking at the tv etc, but the better camera, wifi, A2DP, better processor, more ROM same RAM as HTC s310/ tornado/smartflip. Thats just one example, but what are your views regarding HTC progress with the smartphone market?
  6. Ok how about the ubiquio 401, much better processor, 2.1 mp camera, WM5 too, Wifi, fm radio. etc etc That is a more complete phone, better spec and it also has WM5!
  7. by todays standards 2mp camera is average at best.
  8. I have just seen the latest models due by HTC, the HTC P3300, P3600, S620, and S310. Having looked at the spec of the phones, has anyone else noticed how the are out of date before they have been released. Poor processors, Cameras are rubbish, some without wifi. Am I the only person that thinks that HTC hasnt progressed since the SP5m. There are so many better phones on the market before these 4 have even been released. Any views?
  9. I SPOKE TO IMATE TODAY, PLEASE READ THE TRANSCRIPT. Paula> Welcome to Club Imate Paula> This is Paula, How may I help you? coleburg> hi, i have just replied to an email for a repair of my phone, but part of my serial number is rubbed away, i just wanted to see if you could see the email and tell me it was ok please coleburg> Mike was helping me with this before Paula> do you have the box w/ u? Paula> u can check on it the S/ N coleburg> no i dont have it anymore coleburg> i think i can see another letter in the serial Paula> was it totally erased? coleburg> no, just under the battery, there are just 2/3 letters/numbers rubbed off coleburg> it is coleburg> ************* coleburg> i think its just where the battery has rubbed it coleburg> are you there? coleburg> coleburg> Paula, dont let this time out like you did yesturday, please! Paula> sorry to keep u waiting coleburg> thats ok Paula> that is the only way to check the serial number coleburg> but is the serial i have given enough? Paula> are you going to send your device to the service center? coleburg> yes, if i get a reply from my email Paula> what device? coleburg> sp5m Paula> what seems to be the problem w/ your device? coleburg> it wont turn on, i have spoken to mike about this problem and he has sent me the email to send him details about it Paula> did he tried troubleshooting the device first? coleburg> yes, but it didnt work Paula> hard reset or ROM upgrade? coleburg> can you talk me through a rom upgrade please, without turning the phone on Paula> if your using an older version of ROm, we may suggest that you do an upgarde coleburg> ok can you talk me through it please Paula> since this will sort out most of the problem encountered coleburg> ok cool Paula> may i know where are u located? coleburg> kent, england Paula> let me check first your ROM version if you dont mind coleburg> ok Paula> you know how to locate it? coleburg> no coleburg> not without turning it on Paula> go to start Paula> settings Paula> more Paula> about coleburg> im sorry but 3 times i have told you that the problem with the phone is that it WONT TURN ON!!!! Paula> oh im sorry Paula> please bear w/ me coleburg> ok Paula> lets just have to re install your ROM coleburg> how? Paula> are u a registered club imate member? coleburg> yes Paula> log on the website. then in the club support coleburg> yes Paula> choose UPDATES AND DOWNLOADS coleburg> done Paula> please connect your device to your pc via usb Paula> then download the latest rom version coleburg> stop stop stop Paula> ? coleburg> please dont tell me to upgrade the rom from the usb, THE PHONE WONT TURN ON, how the hell can i upgrade the ROM!!!! Paula> you can still upgrade the ROM even when the phone is off Paula> you will have to put the device in the bootloader mode coleburg> how? Paula> but make sure to charge your battery Paula> for the bootloader mode Paula> press and hold continuosly at the camera button coleburg> ok Paula> then press the power button once coleburg> nothing happened as my phone is dead coleburg> can you just see if you have received my email and get someone to book it in for a repair Paula> we are trying to troubleshoot your device first Paula> please understand coleburg> ok Paula> our last option will be thservice center coleburg> ok Paula> but then, at least we give it a try to troubleshoot it coleburg> ok Paula> lets try it again Paula> get the battery out coleburg> done Paula> and put it back again Paula> then press the camera button Paula> hol on to it Paula> then press the power button once coleburg> ok Paula> you should see a 3 color screen coleburg> nope, its dead "The representative then left the conversation"
  10. I am also going to forward this post to Imate so they can see what im writing and I will keep this post updated with their responce., but for the time being, stay away from IMATE!
  11. Not that bad hey? Ive just been on their "live support" and for the first time in days someone finally answered me, I told them about the problem and the lack of responce from Imate, she said "one moment" while she looked into it and after a couple mins the support "timed out" Thats the end of that! They are absolutely 100% **** at Imate and I will do all I can to make EVERYONE knows it!
  12. Just to let you know that I get up after 2 x half an hour of holding to their repair center. A WARNING TO ALL, DONT BUY FROM IMATE.
  13. I have a reply from imate, guess what, I have to call the repair center. These people are geniuses!!!!
  14. My sp5m finally died today, it had been playing up for the past few weeks. The problem was that the screen would go black and nothing brought it out of this state, only way was to remove the battery / replace it and turn back on. I spoke to Imate and they said remove all 3rd party software which I have done, I flashed the ROM and after a week the problem came back, only problem now is that the phone wont turn on at all now. the lights flicker but it wont turn on. I have spent nearly 2 hours on hold at the imate repair center and still no answer, I have sent several emails to imate support and no reply. I have to say that i am furious with imate but also not impressed by the phone either. There is no way that I will NEVER part with my money for a imate again.
  15. ive not notice the temp to be honest, next time i will check, its typical though its not happened for the last 2 days. and yes i have the latest rom.
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