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  1. wala nang natambay dito. visit na lang kayo sa gallery ko Diximage Digital
  2. or better yet, dalhin mo na lang sa Brightpoint
  3. ayos ung paint mo, 'di ba madaling matanggal?
  4. iba talaga pag SPAMe tapos newcomer pa. HEHEHE. Teka, pang ilang post na ba 'to?
  5. hehehe...mabuhay ka Dagohoy!
  6. How much memory were left? Di ba dun sa SAP natin, dapat +5MB kapag walang application na naka-install.
  7. I'm looking for SAP camera. Php 500.00+ - budget. Any offer???
  8. the question is how long should we wait for great games for MS Smartphone like KUMITE?
  9. where did that message appear? try to set your phone on bootloader screen then repeat the process
  10. @weaponX i suggest you should make a thread reg. this Tanager running on WM2003 so we can elaborate things more. marami kasi kami na very curious dyan.
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