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  1. I downloaded and installed the updated app. As users will know, the download of map data is separate from the app itself. Despite the promise of a new, FREE map update there is no sign whatsoever that one is available. I certainly have no idea how to get hold of it and have raised a query on the support website.... http://getsatisfaction.com/copilotlive/topics/whre_did_the_free_map_update_go No reply from ALK so far.
  2. Reference my earlier post - 29 hours and down to 83% on 7.1 Stable.... Extrapolating power down to 0% would suggest about 7 days use from one charge at this rate.
  3. I have an OLED Blade (Orange San Francisco), now over a year old, and I've been running CM7.1 stable since the day of release. I'm a light user. I do not use 3G networks and have the phone set for 2G only and use WiFi for my data needs. I see a drop in battery of about 20% per day typically, although once I'm down around the 50% mark I will usually recharge because you never know what you might need the phone for in the next few hours. Background : For most of its life I've been running stock 2.1 ROMS, but with the Orange crap manually removed. I've dabbled with Japanese Jellyfish 4 to 9, CM7 from around N57 to around N82 for a while and GSF from B4 up to B21. My battery life has always been pretty reasonable with any of the ROMS except JJ, which sucked big time and wasn't worth pursuing. I do not use widgets - some are greedy little f*ckers and need kicking into touch - and only have data enabled when I need it rather than all day and all night as I don't have a data plan. Also I simply don't need the phone sucking down emails and updating weather reports all day long when I'm sitting in front of my laptop. It may be obvious, but the more features you enable on the phone and the more you use it the shorter the battery life. Mine seems absolutely fine to me.
  4. The UK T-Mobile version has been tracked down - http://direct.motorola.com/eng/SoftwareUpd...n.TMO.EMARA.pdf Thanks to this thread - http://android.modaco.com/content/motorola...y-owners-guide/
  5. All I know is that I've had my Blade (Orange San Fran) since September last year and have been running with a 16GB card since December. The first time I ever saw the dismount problem appear was in April, on a scorching hot day, when using Google Navigation and the card dismounted about 20 minutes into my journey. It was up and down like a whore's drawers for quite a while after that - maybe another 20 minutes - before settling down again. I've had one more such occurrence, again using Google Navigation on a hot day and once since getting CoPilot Premium. With CoPilot I was running the app for about an hour before it got temporamental. Maybe it is something other than heat, but that's where my suspicion lies. I note you've had your Blade a wee while, just as I have. Back in the early days there were lots of reports of card problems with after market cards and I saw some comments that there was a hardware defect in the phone that was responsible. I'd still bet the hardware is the problem, not the software or OS. Too much heat and the card goes offline.
  6. On my Blade the card dismounts when the phone gets too hot. This time of year, with the phone running satnav apps in a car, possibly being bombarded by strong sunshine through the windscreen that is a strong possibility. I've got a Play.com 16GB card and I've only had occasional SD card dismounts. That is with Google Maps and CoPilot Premium on different ROMs, but always on hot days. If you can keep the phone a bit cooler, either with shade, placing it in an air stream or maybe backing off the brightness of the screen that may help. It also seems to me that CoPilot Premium actually eases the problem over Google Nav because there is no need for a data coneection, data can be turned off and it is one less thing chomping on the power. The only time I've had reboots is when using a flakey CM7 ROM with known GPS problems. The card dismount problem seems to me to be related to heat, not flawed software, and thus is a most likely a hardware problem not uncommon to the Blade and derivatives.
  7. You are right. It has disappeared. It definitely was there and that's the one she selected when downloading her update software. I have no idea why it has vanished. To be honest, if it was my phone I would be tempted to go for the Retail version, as I assume that is debranded. However, as the phone is not mine I didn't want to open a can of worms by pushing my (her) luck. She has a 24 month contract and I thought it best to keep things on the straight and narrow. The less risk/upset the better. Maybe it will re-appear soon. EDIT : Some discussion on the T-Mobile UK forums - http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/discussions/...098d65047007fab. It was certainly there. Maybe Motorola released it prematurely and it got pulled for marketing reasons, or maybe there was a problem found that caused it to be yanked temporarily. It will be interesting to see what happens. Just did a quick search and it looks like it is coming soon - http://www.coolsmartphone.com/2011/06/29/m...ng-to-t-mobile/. Seems like the usual piss up in a brewery affair. :) EDIT 2 : Actually, my recollection of the phone is that there does not appear to be any branding. Looking at the "About Phone" the firmware is listed as "retail" firmware. You don't download the firmware directly. First you download some software to apply the updates. That software goes off and downloads the update firmware and then applies it. Maybe at the back end it's the same firmware file that is being installed, regardless of which front end software is used. Just speculating......
  8. Following remarks on another forum I have successfully reinstalled CoPilot Premium after a ROM upgrade from stock 2.1 to Ginger Stir Fry. All that was required was to rename (I guess deletion wold be fine too) the top level folder on the SD card for CoPilot. I chose to download map data from scratch rather than copying anything back over from the old folder tree. All is working perfectly. No need to deactivate anything (so far at least).
  9. Two weeks on and no problems observed for my girlfriend's Defy with the official Motorola (T-Mobile) Froyo upgrade.
  10. Another thread here with some staff input - http://getsatisfaction.com/copilotlive/top...ice_rom_android. It seems you'd better not change ROMs too often if you want to use CoPilot. So much for routinely upgrading CM7 Nightlies. This is a farcical state of affairs.
  11. I can't deactivate it. There is no option (that I can find) to deactivate it. In any case, it's the same phone with the same IMEI. If the software thinks it's already activated on that phone then why wouldn't it continue to run on that phone when re-installed onto a wiped phone with a new OS installed? I wonder what would happen following a factory reset. Would it refuse to activate on a reset ROM as opposed to an upgraded ROM? I certainly hope not. Anyway, I've raised the issue with support and so far their tardy reply has been utterly useless. I've noticed a few other complaints about this ROM and activation problem popping up in various places including the Market and the CoPilot community. We can't all be idiots, incapable of finding the "deactivate" option. http://getsatisfaction.com/copilotlive/top...stalled_on_them https://market.android.com/details?id=com.a...e=order_history
  12. At the moment I cannot transfer the licence between different ROMs on the same device, never mind moving it to another device. I do not have this option displayed. I can get to view the licence details via Menu > Settings > About CoPilot Live, but there is no option to deactivate. Are you sure those instructions apply to CoPilot PREMIUM? When I upgraded the ROM from Orange OEM Eclair to CM7 the software would not run. If I did not have a nandroid backup with the installed software I would be fracked. CoPilot support have so far been useless in resolving this issue. I really fancy giving Ginger Stir Fry V9b a go, but there's not much point if I can't get CoPilot to run on it.
  13. My girlfriend updated her T-Mobile UK Defy to Official Motorola Froyo yesterday. It was a pretty effortless upgrade and it seems all her system settings were preserved except the screen lock password, which was wiped. Go here and follow your nose to download the software which you install on your PC and then run, with the phone connected by USB, in order to update the phone - http://direct.motorola.com/hellomoto/support/update/. 24 hours on from installing the update everything still seems to be fine.
  14. I have never installed gapps - didn't know I was supposed to - and I have the market and also the prompt to install all manner of apps during CM7 setup, most of which I don't want, but it got me GMail and a couple of other things just fine. It was a surprise to me to see the changes in the Android Market on the PC side. I had no idea that account linked functionality existed. When I first got my San Fran, way back last year, the market was pants on the PC side. Mind you, it's still not very good. It thinks I have apps installed which I did once upon a time, but not for a while. It's nice to see push from the PC working, but it's not as slick as Appbrain. I suppose I'll get there in the end. Don't mind me. :unsure:
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