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  1. I'm looking at buying a S2 LTE HD. I want the HD screen and I want LTE for travelling to the US and using 3G/4G there. Most of the time I'll be in the UK. I found one here: http://www.plemix.com/phone-samsung-e120-phone#review But it specifically says no US 3G. Anyone know why that is? Could it be fixed with a new ROM? Am I likely to have any problems with a phone from China/Korea for use in the UK? Thanks, m
  2. Guess I should have added I'm in the UK - I'm not sure when realistically we're going to get LTE
  3. Hi All, Currently using Galaxy S and love it. Looking for best available similar phone and currently mainly considering S2 or Nexus. Which is best, and is there anything else out there I should be considering or waiting for? Most important things to me: awesome screen for video, awesome to use *as a phone*, good gps. Not bothered about camera or removable storage card, etc. I'll happily live with less than 1 day battery life as long as it gets me through a working day. 3.5" headphone jack and standard USB charging are nice, but not deal killers. I'm on Orange contract, up for renewal and long time customer so may have some bargaining power with retentions but you never know these days. More concerned about getting the best phone than a good deal or contract. I'd like latest Android, and I'm considering ordering S2 LTE if LTE is worth it? Thanks! munky
  4. Hi Kaaeed, good reply B) You're right. I had a couple of accounts that worked fine on the phone, but this one didn't. I check it a lot during the day at work from my desktop, and I think the issue must have been related to number of 'open connections' (not neccessarily all IMAP). Later in the day after I left work, when I would have closed all my work PC connections, it just started working.
  5. Hi, I'm coming from a TytnII, where I've used mail through the native WM client (outlook mobile?) for ages with no problems - it just works. On my HD, I'm trying to get my gmail account working with the same settings, and no go. It keeps popping up asking for username and password. I'm putting in exactly the same details as on my other phone which is working fine. EDIT: Just out of interest, I create a new gmail account, and this worked first time. So there is some issue with accessing my existing account via IMAP. Anything else obvious or non obvious that could be wrong? I've checked the advanced server settings, and they're OK. I've tried username as my.name and [email protected], and retyped my password about 1000 times. Cheers, munky
  6. I ended up getting the good deal someone mentioned early in this thread: 1200 mins ~500 texts 'unlimited' data (250Mb) unlimited landline 18 month Phone cost me £129.99, but they credited me £150 on to next months bill £25/month !! (I had to moan a bit to get that, but she didn't put up too much resistance B) ) Very happy not to have any more £50 bills! (be happier if HTC got the video drivers sorted...)
  7. Just a quick note to say remember QuidCo payments aren't guaranteed! If something goes wrong with the tracking, or the payer decides they aren't going to make payment, you may never see that money. I personally have never had this happen, and have used quidco successfully a few times, but it's something to be aware of in any deal like this.
  8. HD now in stock on Orange web site. Retentions/Upgrades don't have stock though! Apparently their stock is different to website stock. Guy recommended I call back on Thursday.
  9. Yeah, that was from Orange direct But! .. I called back to confirm some stuff on the data plan. The 2nd person I spoke to refused point blank to look up info on the HD, saying they definitely did not have any info on it. So I called back, and the 3rd person said it was due on the 3rd Nov, but that they definitely did not have it, and deinitely could not quote pricing on it, and the 1st person I spoke to should have not quoted me those figures - he must have invented them, however, they *may* have to honour what I was quoted! What a mess! If I *can* get that deal, it was 18 mnth, and apparently 'unlimited' data means 250Mb on Orange.
  10. Anyone seen them in-store today? I just called retentions and they don't think they have them available yet (for phone contract orders) Edit: A couple of London stores I triede don't have them today (Sat 8th), and don't know much about them. One store said Oxford St. stores might have them or know more, but they're not answering their phones. m
  11. I think I've seen videos of people demoing a youtube player app on the HD. If you're not sure about screen keyboards, pop into an O2 shop and play with an iPhone - I'm coming from an HTC TYTN. It definitely doesn't feel as good as a 'phyiscal' keyboard to begin with, but its not too hard to start using, and in the few mins I was playing wiht an ipHone I was gradually speeding up.
  12. I'm a long time Orange subscriber, glad the HD is here so I don't have to switch to O2 for the iPhone. I spend average of #50/month (GBP) at the moment and just got quoted this: #35/month for: 850mins 500 texts unlimited data phone cost: free Anyone know how good a deal this is at the moment? Could I get similar deal for less per month? I'd hopefully have some clout with retentions because of consistent high spend? Cheers B) m
  13. munky^^

    Skewl me

    So I haven't really kept up with all the latest coolest phones, and I'm a bit blinded by the coolness of the iPhone to be aware of the current best-of-class Windows Mobile phones or if the iPhone has any major problems. When I google for new phones, I don't really know what to look for, so I get conflicting and incomplete info. Maybe the good people of Modaco can help me out? I need some teachin' on what the current best-of-class phones are, and with a 16Gb iPhone as a base example of what I'm looking for, what do I gain/lose with another phone? Thanks! munky P.S. Factors important to me are: Most important: usability of web browser and internet application, GPS/sat nav software, great as a *phone*, nice swooshy interface Quite important: good keyboard, useful extra apps (e.g. vnc, terminal) Least Important: cost, time - I can wait a month or two for release of a great new phone
  14. Hi All, I've been searching online, but can't find details of Orange's plans for iPhone 3G - do they have any? I don't really want to change - have been with Orange forever, but with O2's launch of the iPhone 3G today I'm considering it - any persuading factors? Cheers, m
  15. Sorry for newb-like questions, but for people like me who don't know - are there any risks doing this, and what if I want to go back to my current Orange WM5 ROM later? As far as WM6 Black Edition 1.2's thread goes, this looks reasonably safe, with minimal if any compatibility issues?
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