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  1. Hi Paul. What is the screen quality like? How would you compare the whole device to more expensive competitor? Is it missing anything you would consider important to an Android tablet? Cheers
  2. I am currently negotiating a sale with someone for the digitizer from my stripped Vega. If that falls through I'll be in touch. Thanks.
  3. The touchscreen is still good and does work. It is the display that is cracked. Nice idea about the touch screen interface. Might be project part 2!
  4. Well as some of you know, I clumsily stood on my Vega a while ago. I've tried to fix it but to no avail. I've now stripped it down and plan on using the bits for some other projects. I'm selling the bits that might be useful to other Vega owners. Check the links in my signature. As for the projects, I was thinking of putting the Vega's internals into a custom case and making a kind of mini Android computer, plugged into an HDTV. Any other suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the idea but I'm not keen on ripping anyone off. I've decided I could either sell the battery and PSU for spares (recoup a little bit of my money) or get a new screen and create a Vega type computer in a new case. Nice little project idea!
  6. Even if it is £100, and the faff of claiming and losing my no claims it wouldn't be anywhere near worth doing. Especially in the long run if I have to replace something more expensive like a carpet or sofa.
  7. Well I decided to take mine apart yesterday to check the screen type. One big problem in replacing the screen will be the fact that it seems quite well glued into the front part of the case. It will take some careful work to remove it without breaking the glass or the case.
  8. No not at all. I don't think it has so far turned into a flame war, some constructive stuff, some fanboyisms but all in all in good spirits.
  9. A nice balanced view and approach. Sums it up nicely.
  10. I think I must have a different Vega to you then as there is no way you can use the screen in portrait for anything more than a few minutes. The brightness varies from top to bottom and if you move the angle slightly the result is appalling. I've always said this from day one of owning my Vega. EDIT: Just to prove it: As for games you maybe correct. EA have done some nice ports to Android, Worms is fab, Tetris is nice and NFS is good. FIFA 10 is however very poor along with a few others. And yes Sony hitting the scene will be good, for the few devices that will be PlayStation certified. Can't see many competitors gaining that in a hurry :D So you are stuck with a Sony Android device, which frankly from what I've heard and read on the internet isn't a pleasant experience. Don't get me wrong, Android is great, I love it more than iOS... so long as it is on the right device. On my HTC Desire it is excellent. On the Vega, not so... but it is close (much closer than out of the box thanks to the great community).
  11. I guess what can be learnt from this thread is that it is very much a case of each to their own. I was happy with my Vega until I broke it. I didn't want the same model and as most hardware manufacturers have delayed their next tablets for HC then there is a lull in the market. The iPad has now dropped to better price point for me and as such it is now (for me again!) the best product in my budget. If you want customisation get an Android based device. From using my iPad it has stopped my buying an iPhone. My phone needs to do more. But my tablet device is for browsing the web, watching films, reading books (@zzleezz which the 4:3 is much better at in portrait than a 16:9) and playing games. For me the iPad does all these that bit better than my Vega did, and mainly for two reasons. The screen is better and quite frankly while using the device you spend all your time using that particular bit; and the touch response is miles better, and when interacting with the device that is the bit you use the most!
  12. I tried them and while they had that screen they said it wouldn't work. Something about the touch screen?!! Surely the digitizer is separate from the LCD? I'm taking my Vega apart over the weekend so we shall soon see!!
  13. Interesting rebuttal from Apple today on the "study" into browser speeds on iOS and Android: "According to an Apple spokesman, Blaze’s test procedure “is flawed because they didn’t actually test the Safari web browser on the iPhone.” They go on to explain that Blaze “only tested their own proprietary app which uses an embedded web viewer that doesn’t take advantage of Safari’s web performance optimizations.” Apple insists that Blaze’s test didn’t make use of Apple’s Nitro JavaScript engine, which it claims offers twice the load-up speeds of the previous iOS version. Regardless of who’s right, the actual difference between the two in testing was only around a second, so there’s no reason for you iPhone 4 owners to ditch your handsets. Not that you would."
  14. Lol, direct them to this thread, they'll understand.
  15. You are probably right about Honeycomb and the Vega. I will say this, I will be trying the new tablets like the Xoom and Dell's offering, just to see how they compare to the iPad. The iPad is limited but that isn't a bad thing for the majority of owners. It isn't quite a Fisher Price tablet but it keeps you inside a restrictive box to make sure you can't break it!
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