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  1. Have you tried SKSchema from SKTOOLS ? It is quite flexible and can do a lot of automatization. http://s-k-tools.com/index.html?skschema/m_skschema.html Murat
  2. Maybe you should try Basic4PPC which is a quite easy to learn and ti use thanks to the simple programming platform that comes for the desktop and the PPC. You can download a free trial version from: http://www.basic4ppc.com/ The paid version is also quite reasonable. Murat
  3. Hi Mark, The full version of Phonealarm has a module that counts the GPRS data usage. This is also a must have application for its other functions (like profile switching). I am testing it and it works as it supposed to. I have seen that SPB has a specific GPRS data measure application but I have not tested it and I do not really install a supplementary application just for this function. If you test it, I would be happy to know your opinion. Regards, Murat
  4. You can check SKSchema from SK SOftware. It can do this and much more in scheduling. Murat
  5. Have you tried SBSH Software's PocketBreeze? It has a pinned calendar mode that could do what you need (but you must check the size issue). Murat
  6. I have nearly tested all of them since the alarms of STopTime do not work on my TyTN (I was very happy with this old freeware on my 4700). I have chosen Chronos which perfectly does what it should do and it is very reliable (I have been testing it for two weeks now). SPB Time is too resource hungry and PocketClock's alarm setting interface is not really very user friendly to my taste. But I was ignoring that Chronos was part of the Plus membership benefits ;) I would have adopted the membership instead of buying the soft ;-) Murat
  7. Hi Paul, Thanks again for a very useful tool (I have been reading a lot of ModaCO posts during last week - I have just gotten a new TyTN and I try to learn new tricks specific to the phone functions - these forums are really terrific!). I have a small question: I have already installed GB-SOft Tweak nad I have the impression that this applet already provides this function or am I missing something (I do not yet understand all the implications of the new GPRS possibilities on my TyTN)? Best regards, Murat
  8. I have the SFR v1605, which is close to the Vodaphone version of TyTN but for the French SFR network. I am supposed to have the last available ROM but WiFi si a real pain on this device. I cannot get the signal from my living room from which all other tools (including my Hx4700) can easily connect (and with a very strong signal) to the Access Point that lives at the other end of the same floor. The phone signal also always looks very low on my device (mainly 2 or 3 bars, instead of 5 on other phones from the same network on the same spot). Do you observe such problems on this device? Do you have an idea abour a possible solution (I have set the power management cursor on maximal efficiency, instead of maximal battery)? EDIT: I have downloaded the last version of WiFiFoFum and it allows me now to detect my Home AP and to connect on it (using the standard Connection function of the WM5). I must try it for a public AP to check if this is a general solution. But the low signal for UMTS continues (in comparison with other phones for the same location and the same network - SFR), so I am not totally assured on this point... Thank you for your help and for this magnificent community! Best regards, Murat
  9. I would also recommend SBSH products, mainly PocketBreeze that now also handles contacts and calling them directly from the Today screen. This is a soft that I first always install on my PDs (or after a HR). I also recommend POcketFitaly that is my prefereed SIP on PPC. It has some problems to become the default SIP but I will try some software solutions that are actually proposed on the forums). For a light but efficient alarm clock, I would recommend Chronos wich is perfectly reliable on my TyTN. I am an (not very) old fan of the HP calculators and I love Lygea's HP 15C emulation on PPC. Of course Textmaker is a very nice full-fledged word processor (I do not really use planMaker on my TyTN). To finish, Sprite backup does perfectly what it is supposed to do : allow me to make full and scheduled backups on my MicroSD card. Thanks a lot for this list and also the freewares one, on the other post! Best regards,
  10. Hi, This new plateform looks very nice. I hope that it will be as functional as HandAndGo for the user and the developper. As a user, I have tried to create an account but The register button refuses to do anything under Mozilla Firefox. I had to switch to IE for being able to register. THis is a pity for all users who have swithed to this browser... Have you any plan to assure the compatibility with Firefox? Good luck to Fair Deal! Murat
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