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  1. thanks for the reply's guys. there are more situations... with the right cable, i can -charge the phone through a pc that isn't turned on (usb stays powered, mains adapter is standard in another room) - charge my phone from any pc I also read that there is registry tweaking possible that lets the phone draw power from a non-AS-pc's usb-port. that would be a fantastic solution, anyone any info on that?
  2. if anyone please could help with this i'd be very happy ;) I read elsewhere on these forums that it IS possible to charge the phone without activesync being installed. It said there, that it is a cable issue. (either standard cable needs modification or a specific cable is required). I've searched the forum but didn't end up with anything useful. does anyone have a solution for this?
  3. have to disagree with you on that.. the pc does indeed need drivers to communicate with the phone, but a USB-port is always powered. The MP3 player is a good example, often they don't need any drivers (mass storage devices) but do get power the second you plug em in. My guess is that the C550 just refuses to take power from the pc when AS is not installed.
  4. that completely sucks ;) doesn't make sense either thnx anyway
  5. When I want to charge my C550 through USB, do I have to do that on a pc where ActiveSync is installed? It won't charge with a random pc, but does charge on my with ActiveSync. seems kind of strange to me, because A/C charger is USB-plug as well.
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