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    C500 on T-mobile in LA

    Thanks very much guys. That explains it. Funnily enough I've been on the phone to T-Mobile about this, and you know more about it than they do! I don't know why I'm surprised.
  2. I'm in LA at the moment, using a T-mobile to go, PAYG sim card on my unlocked C500. It's working fine, but I'm constantly roaming on Cingular rather than using T-mobile, which I think costs me a bit more. The phone can't even see the t-mobile network when I list the networks available. It shows cingular and AT&T wireless. This even happened when I was sitting next to a friend who had full strength signal on her T-mobile phone. I'm wondering two things. Does anyone know what band T-mobile use in LA (Beverly Hills)? I read in another post that T-mobile is all 1900 in the US. Secondly, do I have to tell the phone which band to use, or does it select automatically. I looked for settings, but there doesn't seem to be a menu item so I assume it works on all three automatically. Can anyone help?
  3. That's a cracking idea. What speed would the SPV achieve over a dial up connection? Are we back to 9kbps (not that I get much more than that over GPRS anyway)?
  4. Mesh121 that probably means that it can't find the server you are looking for. If that's the case it doesn't put up an error message, it just cuts out. If you post more information on your setup it might be possible to help. What computer are you trying to connect to? Are you using GPRS or the cradle?
  5. Actually I do use VNC or other things as well, but one of the main things is control of media ie. audio and video files. I have a desktop as a server wired into my hi-fi and TV and keep copies of CDs and DVDs that I own ( :wink: :wink: :wink: ) on there. Would it be easy to adapt your remote control system to control other apps eg. DivX player or Windows Media Player?
  6. ivanmacx

    Post event thread...

    You lot are mental. There was a nubian queen there. Nobody can identify her boyfriend, and you were looking at phones!!!
  7. ivanmacx


    I've switched to Linux too, theplayer, though I picked Redhat 8.0 and chickened out and stayed dual boot with Windows XP. Having finally got my wireless network running my two remaining problems have been no driver for my printer (Canon MPC600F) and no sync with the SPV. As well as synce I also found Dids' pocket pc kde importer but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Maybe you could post re. progress here as it would be useful to know how you get on.
  8. Any further progress with SmartVNC? I managed to connect to my desktop using GPRS and fire up windows media player to play a tune (which would have been impressive except that I was sat 2 feet from the desktop at the time so there was an easier way to do it)! It would be brilliant if this could be made to work well. I'd help, but my programming skills aren't up to it yet.
  9. Simonastro, maybe too late now, but make sure your browser is accepting cookies (from orangews.com).
  10. ivanmacx

    Wi-Fi for SPV!!

    ...and, without wanting to be a wet blanket, a decent Wi-Fi connection is going to cane the battery.
  11. The SDK comes with a tool called CABWizSP. As I recall it's not on any menu, it's just an .exe file somewhere in the SDK directory. Use this to create the .hme file. See here for details.
  12. Mame is on P800 already!?!! Aaaarrrrgggghhh!!! I only have the second best phone!!! Come on SPV porters, you can't stand for this!
  13. ivanmacx

    SmartNES v1.1 : some new features

    mcfc and vik_x: Use activesync to put all the files into a new folder on your phone (probably best on the Storage Card) In that folder right click on smartnes.exe and create a shortcut Move the shortcut in your IPSMWindowsStart MenuGames folder (and rename it to just 'SmartNES') Hey presto, you have a link under Games in your program menu
  14. ivanmacx

    Battery life no improvement

    My battery life is definitely better, particularly much better standby. I leave it on overnight (not on the charger, that's in another room) to use the alarm in the morning and that used to leave me on 2 bars from full charge the night before. Now I have 4 bars. I'd be very surprised if they could do much about battery drain from making calls, powering the screen and backlight, etc., but maybe they cut down the background processes or something to reduce the drain on standby.
  15. ivanmacx

    Anyone else had this with update?

    Yes, update doesn't relock phone. However, if the registry gets corrupted in some way eg. because of a crash, the phone rebuilds it and ends up relocked. See also this thread

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