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  1. O meu tambem está Fora de serviço a dias. e NUNCA lhe dei nenhum golpe !!!
  2. Hello everybody. there are any way to show an animation file when the phone turns on? or turns off.. ?? thanks
  3. Hey, there are any way to play flash movies on mpx220 ??
  4. artsjedi

    Saving RAM on MPX220

    and about programs unecessary started when the phone turns on??
  5. Hello... I have faced the problem of low RAM memory in my MPX. It starts at 20% free,, when I run PocketPlayer or WMplayer its goes to near 3% free !!! Anybody knows some solution to save RAM memory in the phone? thanks.. (Sorry my bad english)
  6. artsjedi

    2GB Mini SD in MPx220

    You realy can write and read the 2nd Gb of your card??
  7. artsjedi

    2GB Mini SD in MPx220

    You realy can write and read the 2nd Gb of your card??
  8. artsjedi


    Hello Everybody, Anybody knows any Clock/Alarm Software ??? I was loking for some, but with out sucess... Sorry my bad english...
  9. artsjedi

    FM tunner

    ANybody Knows.... There are any way to listen FM Radio on MPX 220/???
  10. artsjedi

    Unlocked ROM

    Hello there are any ROm on MPX unlocked for every SIM CARD??? or... there are any tool to unlock it?? ... For free.. :) ?? thanks...
  11. Hey.. Is possible to watch Digital TV on the smartphone (MPX220).. ??? without internet connection. just watching the signal.. Im form Brazil.. Here we use the japanese pattern.. There are any software?
  12. hello. I recently bought a smartphone, I would like to place in it the SMS from my old device (not smarthpone)... for this it would be necessary to create the SMS (with "from" it dates and hour) and to place in smartphone. but I did not get success. when i tried to create the SMS with my device, i only have the "TO" field... I found to mananger of SMS from JEYO that import (and export) a SPD file format. I try to create an SPD file with my SMS and import them using this software, but I do not know as the data are organized in this file. i have no ideas anymore... :shock: please help PS sorry my poor english... :roll:

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