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  1. mbeattie

    M700 Upgrade

    I didnt seem to get the pleasent customer services everyone else got, everytime i called upgrades i got pushed to the side and told to wait. but at last. i noticed it online before upgrades had it so i upgraded from the orange shop last week and it arrived yesterday. very impressed. it even came with all the kit to connect in my car. sweet
  2. mbeattie

    M700 Upgrade

    Order from upgrades over the phone, its being out of stock online for as long as i can remember. I may have to select another phone cos my c600 is falling to bits and needs replacing stat. Oh well another 3 weeks of waiting
  3. mbeattie

    M700 Upgrade

    Hey everyone, Sorry if i posted in the wrong area. Just a question. I ordered an m700 from upgrades on the 2nd of this month and am still waiting for them to text me. Apparently there is no stock available and hasnt being any stock in upgrades since it was released. Has anyone else had this issue from upgrades. I called them yesterday but was told to just wait for there text ;). Thanks in advance
  4. mbeattie

    Wisbar Help and Advice

    Dr Who, From what i can gather, with WAD you need to set up a portrait and a Landscape desktop separately. Press and hold the stylus on the Desktop and go to wallpaper on portrait and landscape to set them up. You do need to set everything separately with shortcuts and u can even give the shortcuts there own .ico file through the setup. This is the beauty of the app, everything is customisable
  5. Gotta Have Wisbar advance 2 and wisbar desktop, makes the hermes look even slicker....I know.... i didnt think it was possible either. I also got Worms World Party and its a stroke of genius
  6. mbeattie

    Homescreens on the Tytn/M3100

    Iv installed a few .tsk files on my m3100 and it works fine. Just move them to the my documents area and they appear in the Today screen settings I only use the .tsk files to change my colour scheme then put my own wallpaper on with a resolution of 320*270. sorted
  7. mbeattie

    Camera on my M3100

    Macro mode is switched off, just dont think the camera is any good in dull conditions. seems to be bad at handling dark colours. good during the day tho and when plenty of light is available. Oh well cant have it all. PS flash is as much use as a chocolate teapot
  8. I installed the new rom and now cant unlock/decert my phone Please help
  9. mbeattie

    Camera on my M3100

    yeah doesnt really make a difference. sensor goes in and out of dark and light but never gets a decent picture. Am gonna try some outdoor shots during the day and see. Will post pics tomorrow to compare if you dont mind examing them Thanks
  10. mbeattie

    Camera on my M3100

    camera settings are all auto, nothings being changed. i tinkered with the adjustments but nothing drastic enough to cause the problem am having White balance - auto Effect - none Resolution - 2M Quality - Super fine Capture Mode - Photo Contract +5 Saturation +5 Hue +3 Sharpness + 5
  11. Ok, Iv had my M3100 for a few days now and have customised it as much i can, i finally got a chance to play around with the camera......if thats what you call it... Every picture i tyake is so dark i cants make anything out. and if i make sure there is plenty of light the picture is extremely blurry. iv checked all the setting and checked its not on macro mode. Took a picture of outside and the colours are wierd and picture is hazy. Does anyone have any issues taking pictures indorrs with the phone. Any comments would be greatful. the pictures am getting are that bad that i cant make them out
  12. mbeattie

    Cleaning M3100 Screen

    ok cool, if its what you use paul then i cant go wrong Thanks for the fast replies.
  13. mbeattie

    Cleaning M3100 Screen

    cool. do you use any lens cleaner or wipes
  14. Hello u wonderful bunch of people, Am sorry if there is already a topic started about this, i did a few searches on the site but could find anything. Whats the best way to clean the smudges off the M3100 screen. is it worth a screen protector or is that over rated. seems to be everyone has problems putting a screen protector on and get trapped dust that scratch away at the screen Its my first pocket pc as iv always gone with smartphones and am paranoid i might dull or damage the screen through time if i use screen wipes or screen protectors Thanks in advance
  15. mbeattie


    Wohoo, ordered mine last night, was so disappointed when the helpful lady said it wont arrive until monday. Had to pay 49.99 for the phone in a 12 month contract. even though am considered a band 5 in there system. Hope its worth the wait, eveyone who received one today post your impressions.....ya lucky swines!!!!

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