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  1. Disappeared from the Vodafone website - just a site glitch?
  2. I'm trying to install this but keep getting an error message telling me the phone cant verify the digital signature of the software. Anyone else had this problem? Cheers, Tim.
  3. I just got the vario 2 on flex-t 25 for £60 (list 109) so you should be able to haggle a little more off.
  4. If you unlock your phone it can be used on any network, not just the one is was supplied by.
  5. have you updated (downgraded) your screen resolution?
  6. Tiscali currently offer free onspeed software (or their own version) to dialup subscribers - maybe you could apply this to your mobile device?
  7. Would an update come from Orange or the manufacturers? Not had problems myself - if I do the phone will go back to orange..
  8. failing that it might have to go back for repair under warranty ..
  9. The standard options are for one or the other and I'm not aware of any way to over-ride that :)
  10. You should definately have received the adapter. My first 550 was delivered without - after 5 weeks of ringing them to chase I gave up, sent it back for a refund and bought another!
  11. Your contract is with the shop, not the manufacturer so they would be liable for the 12 months.
  12. with the receiver turned on, first make surt bt is turnwed on on the phone, then from the bt 'on' screen select menu - devices - menu - new. the phone should find the device and may ank for a passcode - usually 0000. I've seen comments about having to set an outgoing port manually but mine set up an incoming port automatically which works fine.
  13. When I spoke to them about unlocking my own phone they told me it was perfectly ok so don't worry! ;)
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