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  1. Random Fact: Myself and Ian wright once scored a goal past Nigel Martin at the old Crystal Palace training ground, with Ian Wright getting the assist. As for the phone, which one you want? Currently carrying all three of the HTC One range, alongside one that i could tell you about, but then I'd have to kill you!
  2. Can't wait for it. Have been a fan of sony walkmans for ages, simply because they sound so much better than ipods. If this keeps the audio quality that they have been known for, then i'm in!
  3. All seems to be flashing perfectly with no need for the script tweak here. Nice one Paul. PS. Yet another gooner!
  4. Mirror: Multi-Upload It's just sending it out to the other sites, so some may not be available just yet.
  5. Never Mind. Now i'm not using chrome, and it's not autotranslating everything, i found the links. Thanks for the offer anyway.
  6. Have just received a sample, and am stuck on the 1.36 testkeys dev rom. Every time i go to the links on u.115.com to download the asian ROMs, all i get is an IP address error, and no download button. Has anyone managed to download it, and would they mind uploading it to megaupload or somewhere similar? Cheers Update: http://www.multiupload.com/QZ38R3NS0C
  7. or being a lucky sod and having one to hand :) :) :) :D I have been playing multiplayer air hockey on it and can confirm that the pre-release units at least do not have the same issues that the nexus, desire, legend and wildfire did.
  8. yeah works fine. It dials a number and routes it over the voice channel, but as three do not charge for calls to that number, it works a treat. but the skype for three is based on iskoot.
  9. 2.2 should support the SLCD screens....originally HTC were not going to release the SLCD screens until after Froyo had been released, but i think they ran out a bit quicker than they thought they would....
  10. install HTC Sync and when it prompts for the driver, just manually point it to use the 'My HTC' driver. That's what i've done and it works fine with unrevoked and everything else i throw at it.
  11. the only thing i can see from what you say, is that I had a gold card in while running unrevoked 3, and i did it on XP 32bit. I tend to avoid 7 for this stuff, just cos of the way that 7 fecks around with the drivers.... soon as unrevoked was finished, it was in the recovery menu, i just straight away installed the zip i had put on the card before i started. seems to have done the trick, and the clockworkmod comes up without problems. I'm not using any ext partitions either, but i wouldn't have thought that would be the root of the problem....
  12. wha you're missing is the fact that the rom.zip file you have bought across from the ruu is corrupt. hence the [bad] message inthe middle there. try one of the mcr ones maybe.
  13. at the end of the unrevoked process, the recovery menu is clearly visible and works fine. flashed another ROM using update.zip and am now running mcr r5 froyo on it.
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