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  1. Note that some older 3G handsets wont work with T-mobile SIMs. So be careful if you intend to get a cheap 3G handset off ebay... Some older motorola (A835 for example) and NEC handsets have problems. I found this out the hard way :)
  2. Well with the disclaimer that I've only been using my C550 extensively on T-mobile... The C550 is mostly an excellent handset which I use to play audio and video frequently. It has a very nice QVGA display. Some (all?) of these have problems reconnecting to GPRS. If the GPRS connection goes idle, times out or it just feels like it it will stop responding to data requests. The only way to get it to respond again is to power cycle the thing or switch into and out of flight mode. I make heavy use of GPRS and sometimes have to do this a dozen or more times a day. I fell like stamping on it sometimes :) YMMV: this might just be a T-mobile issue. On the subject of GPRS it doesn't have a build in data counter. A major omission but you can buy third party counters. I did use an S60 device (the old N-gage) on Orange. I was largely happy with it until I hit a hideous bug. If you fill up its internal memory it wouldn't power up and needed to be sent to a service centre to reset. Apparently newer S60s don't have this problem.
  3. Has anyone managed to use an A835 with T-mobile UK? I was hoping to try out 3G data with it and after this being recommended as a cheap but usable data handset I got an ex-3 A835 off ebay. Unfortunately although it works fine with every other SIM I try the T-mobile UK SIMs cause it to lock up at the "M" logo. I asked about this in a few places, some people have reported similar things but no one seems to know why. It has been de-branded and updated with the latest fimware so I don't think that's the cause. Any ideas?
  4. I've been on T-mobile WnW Pro for a while now on the SIM only tariff. I'd used it on an ex-orange C550 with no problems for a few months. I wanted to try 3G data on it. The "right" (for me) handset wasn''t available at the time so I got an ex-3 Motorola A835 from Ebay. The handset works fine but when I attempt to power up with the T-mobile SIM it locks up on power up. There is an animated "M" logo and it freezes at that point. Other SIMs work fine. A trawl through various forums suggests this problem is quite common with the latest T-mobile SIMs (and not just on the A835) but no one has a solution. It isn't clear if its a firmware or hardware issue. People with the latest firmware version also seem to have this problem. Anyone have any suggestions or is the phone unusable on T-mobile?
  5. There naming is a bit confused. WnWPro is usually taken to mean the ?20 a month laptop card deal. The WnW Pro bundle is a ?10 a month add on to any pay monthly tariff with fewer restrictions than WnW. I've added it to SIM Only. It includes faster upload, HSPDA support (when available) and modem use permitted. VoIP and "messaging over internet protocol" (which is taken to include IM) is banned. There is a 2GB fair usage policy. It is mentioned briefly in the business section of the T-mobile site. You have to ask T-mobile CS to add it and you may get varying responses such as it not existing or that it is "business only".
  6. You could always go SIM only for a few months until the right handset comes along. That's what I'm doing and quite a few others too. Yep and it looks like the Hermes is the "right handset" for me too if the deal is right...
  7. Be nice if they could but in my case when I added WnW Pro bundle to SIM only they added WnW Pro immediately and cancelled WnW consumer on the next billing date. So the two ran concurrently for a week or so.
  8. Yes though the first bill may come to more than that because it is billed one month in advance. Note also that SIM only is self serve which means calls to 150 are 50p/min. I didn't realise that it meant *all* calls to 150 and not just CS. I'd come from Orange where calls to the automated menu system were free until you select to call CS. I use the 0845 number now from a landline for CS.
  9. I got SIM only just over a month ago. You can add the ordinary (aka consumer version) of Web'n'walk from the T-mobile website as an additional service and also by calling CS but I didn't try that. I got that changed to the "pro" version by T-mobile CS after they went away and checked. I asked for the "Web'n'walk professional bundle". Others have reported problems and being told it is "business only" (I'm not on a business account) so YMMV. No mention of a minimum contract was given which would contradict the no-contract of SIM only anyway. I guess I'll find out when I try to move to a contract when a decent handset arrives.
  10. Well P2P (and streaming) is explicitly banned on the consumer version but not the pro version. The consumer version doesn't mention a ban on "Messaging over Internet Protocol". Just to add to the confusion here's an article that could be take to mean that MOIP does mean IM.
  11. It is interesting that they haven't banned P2P or streaming on the pro package which would presumably have a similar if not greater impact than VOIP.
  12. FYI I called up T-mobile CS a couple of hours ago and got my Web'n'Walk consumer version changed to 'pro' on the SIM only tariff. Well they are both active at the moment since the consumer bundle isn't cancelled straight away.
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