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  1. thanks, unfortunatly msn is pre installed on my device, any idea how to remove it as it is not in my remove programs wizard
  2. Got my m600 sitting here and it has an annoying hotmail in the messages options, is there a way to remove the hotmail folder? (or even the outlook one?)
  3. SPV C550, There is a link in the start menu which causes the handset to reset. Is there a way to remove this link (for example, useind the bootloader)? Or makea backup of the contacts stored on the phone?
  4. Okay, so, after realding all 24 pages and finding 90% of this to be people saying how good this is, i thuoght someone may be able to help. Curently i am haveing a problem running mydoomce on my SPV C550, the probram will load, running through various text, then the screen will change to grey and i will hear sound in the background. i can press the keys to exit and it will breifly flash the doom shareware buy now screen before returnig to the phone. Anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it?
  5. Thanks. But was there any point in that reply? or is it just a reply for the sake of a reply, such as this one?
  6. Okay, this has probably been pointed out before, and is blareingly obvious when you know how. but i thought i would share it... Because i can. -Edit- After further testing, any incompatable ringtones... ie MP3's will be Copied to the default folder. DOH! -Edit- 1> Open the PhotoContacts.exe This is not the same as the default contacts list, and, in my opinion is better than. Dont ask me why its not the default, i don't know. Oh, if anyone knows how to do that, let me know... This can be found in the "/windows" Directory in your phone. - If you dont know how to find this, open your menu then select the Accesories option. Open your file manager. the windows folder should be at the very bottom of the list. Select the folder or Hilight "Windows" then press "List View" Scroll down, this may take a few moments as the list will scroll slowly, untill you find "PhotoContacts.exe" (not PhotoContacts.lnk Thats just a shortcut) Now you can open this directly, but personaly, i would make a shortcut to it in the menu just to save haveing to find it every time you need it. This is easy, Press the right soft key labled "Menu" then select "1 File" then "8 Create shortcut". This should bring you back to the folder menu. Just navigate to "Storage" then "Windows" then "Start Menu", then select the left softkey "Done" to Put a shortcut there. Now you can access photo contacts directly from your main menu... 2> Select / Make a Contact. I won't bother going into much detail here, But PhotoContacts is better than Contacts in that you get a more graphic interphace, you can set custom groups and can preview exactly what is seen on your screen when you recive a call, however it does show less information but hey. anyway im sure you can setup a contact without a detailed explanation. 3> Set a Photo -Hilight the Contact -Press Left Softkey "Assign Photo" -Press Right Softkey "Menu" -Select "5 Change Folder" -Hilight location where Picture is stored, which can include Memory card (Storage Card) directorys -Press Left Softkey "Done" to select the folder -Select the Picture This will take you to the call preview screen where you can change various settings. (includeing ringtone but ill come to that next) -Press Left Softkey "Done" to Save the curent settings. 4> Set a Ringtone. Now this is the bit that makes me tingle... because it means i can use ringtones from the memory card, includeing MP3's. Without installing any additional softwear. -Select the contact. -Press right softkey "Menu" -Select "5 Assign" -Select "2 Ringtone" Now you have two boxes here, a Ringtone box, that will select a ringtone. Fairly standard, However beow this you have "Ringtone Folder" ... it should be obvious what this does. so just push down (so you select the Ringtone Folder box) and you can enter the folder path you want to select the ringtone from. The easiest way is just to open the sub menu (you should know how by now... *HINT* its one of the softkeys) and select the "Change folder" option and select the folder you have your Music/Sounds stored in, again this can be from the Memory card. Hint> To change a contacts call ringtone to the default (The ringtone selected by Settings>Sounds - Ringtone. Just hilight the contact and move to set the ringtone, now leave the folder as default, and select "None" as the ringtone. ### That should be it, any questions... figure it out yourself. im kidding, just ask. But as a "N00b" to Smartphones i may not be able to answer.
  7. also on the same topic, where is the caller id photo option? i have been able to set this trough the media viewer, is there annother way of setting this? -Edit Nevermind, i found the program "PhotoContacts.exe" in the default windows directory... now im curious if i can set this to the default Cantacts viewer, because i like it more than the standard one.
  8. These questions will relate directly to the C550 Handset. More questions will follow as and when i think of them. Q1> User Defined Button, as shown in the manual On left side of phone above Volume Controll's, Czn this be Set, and if so How?
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