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  1. cjm106

    ZTE Kis / Orange Dublin

    Anything that can be done to make it work, I'm no longer able to get into fastboot and have tried reziping and signing the update but no joy...
  2. cjm106

    ZTE Kis / Orange Dublin

    Managed to brick mine already, 1st time build... I can't get it to boot and the stock recovery doesnt think that ZTE's update is signed.. http://wwwen.zte.com...43591238052.zip I don't suppose anyones able to make a FTM mode flashable stock rom for the Virgin KIS ?
  3. In theory yes, an ipad style usb dock connector is available although I'm yet find someone who has it in stock - expansys, mobilefun and clove have preorder pages.
  4. Insanely high quadrant score with this MCR compatible kernel written by Richard Tripp across @ XDA - If you have battery/temp probs look for his overcome temp fix in the thread. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=924654 Excellent stuff! c
  5. You need to use a filemanager that has root read/write privileges to delete the apk. I use root explorer from the market but theres a fair few alternatives available.
  6. Did you try flashing one of the verizon compatible roms+factory reset after the kernel, I'm afraid thats about as far as I can help. Frustratingly activity is pretty slow in this forum, fingers crossed someone can help you out.
  7. Did you use the verizon clockworkmod bootstrapper? If so its likely that you're suffering from a locked bootloader (this happened to me also when using the clockworkmod eurotab version) The good news is that if you can still access recovery and get into download mode then all is well (it’s pretty hard to break your tab completely) If you have a verizon tab then you need to reflash it with a Verizon/CDMA compatible kernel a quick google came up with this (I hate linking to xda but this link is pretty comprehensive) Check out the links in the Kernals CDMA section. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=933400 Good luck.
  8. Am pretty happy with Pauls ROM at the mo but wouldn't mind knowing how to do this also, has anyone done this/come across any info that could be linked to?
  9. You need to delete the UNAService.apk from the system>app folder for the upgrade to work properly.
  10. cjm106

    How To Buy From UK?

    Its a great device with a fantastic screen/ viewing angles ( better than my tab imho) I stuck a froyo and honeycomb image on micro sdhc cards and it was up an running in no time (see nookdevs). After toying with importing one and not wanting the hassle/wait I got mine via google shopper for £245, went to order another yesterday but its now out of stock.. Although preorder is available so will wait and see if any more come back in.
  11. cjm106


    £50=30 + the certainty it would turn up and not have any unforeseen charges associated with it. You pays your money, you take your chances.
  12. cjm106


    Just got my hands on a nook color from a uk supplier (can i mention their name?) and loving it! Took me 10 min and a 4gb microsd card to get honeycomb (preview build) up and running, best part is it boots directly from the sdcard so no rooting required. Credit due to Deeper-Blue over at Xda. Would be great to see a modaco rom for this!
  13. cjm106

    DLNA Mac/Galaxy TAB

    Twonky Server (PC, Mac, Linux) best all round media server I've used. Its not free but has a 30day free trial and well worth £15.
  14. cjm106

    eBooks app from WH Smith?

    Hi how did you get this app to recognise mpub, cant for the life of me get it to see the files once copied to my sdcard? Ahh cause you're using the adobe versions from whsmith.gospoken.com :P
  15. Can you see anything on the screen when you switch it on, any logo etc?

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