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  1. And Bluetooth can be a bit awkward with the c550, it seems to have a lot of trouble sending out info via BT ............ Best to check someones got the device you're going to use to work with a c550 before investing !
  2. Bluetooth seems very toublesome ! I couldn't get it to work, returned to the Orange Shop they couldn't either and frequently crashed the phone trying. One 'phone trainer' did quietly mention Smart Explorer as a possible improvement.
  3. I've also had the music playing faster than it should problem. Bit much for phone now sold as a 'Music Phone' . Anyone know what/why ? Or got a solution ?
  4. /sigh Spoke too soon ... Music all plays faster than its meant to now, even .wav files !
  5. Ok thanks. Does the phone need to be App unlocked for Smart Explorer ?
  6. I didn't use Multimedia Album. I just navigated to the file using Start / Accessories / File manager then used the send menu. I might try using Smart Explorer & see if thats any different.
  7. I've tried again with Bluetooth but it remains very odd. I recieve files ok but sending them rarely works. I did manage to send a photo via BT when sending a video file it hangs part way through and sometimes even crashes the other phone. Videos sent by other phones to mine work fine. Any ideas anyone ? Could it be a duff phone ?
  8. I've connected a c550 (on Orange) via usb cable & am using passthrough to use broadband to access the internet instead of GPRS. However when I visit 'Orangeworld' I'm told i'm not using an orange phone When using GPRS the phone is recognized as an Orange phone. Is there some way of getting the phone to be recognised when using passthrough & a broadband connection ?
  9. Ooops didn't try that .... Not got another Bluetooth device to try with now so I'll have a go again when I can. I did also try to transfer with IR to a different phone that doesn't have Bluetooth, for this I did use 'beam' but it just sat there saying 'connecting' after the phones had found each other ! Never used Bluetooth or IR before so I guess once you know its simple ! Thanks
  10. Another question re orange c550 ... Is there a 'meter' somewhere that tracks your Data usage when using the internet etc via GPRS so you can keep an eye on how much you're spending ? If so how do I get to it ? Also does anyone know how much the data costs and how its paid for on PAYG. ie do you buy a lump upfront or use a mb then pay for it ?? The Orange page Here doesn't even mention data costs !
  11. I'm having trouble sending files over Bluetooth. I have selected Bluetooth and its discoverable. I can find the other bluetooth phone and it can see the c550. So we have a Bluetooth connection. The other phone can send files (music & photos) to the c550 but I cant see how to send anything from the c550. I used file manager to locate the file, highlight it, them menu / send but the only options that appear are mms or beam. I was expecting an option of the other bluetooth device but its not showing. Am I going about the transfer in the wrong way ? Or do I need to change a setting somewhere ? Any help appreciated, this is all new to me and I cant find much in the way of guides or user info other than this site !
  12. Thanks for the replies. It seems to be working now. The files had transfered ok but I hadn't used the 'update library' feature of Media Player. I had used the file management to find the file then clicked on it ( the only way I could get to it !).This opens Media Player which then says 'file type not recognized'. Doing this with a wma file works fine & the file plays but not with mp3s. Having followed pagdodds advice the files now show in media player library and play ok. I have also realised that /storage is not the memory card so I've moved the files over to /storage card. They then disapeared from media player !! Even after another 'update library'. Then found there was an option on the library menu to choose between the phone and the memory card. Selecting Memory Card gave me a Library with the files I wanted. Simple once you know. Shame the manuals useless in these areas. I had tried various mp3s , low fixed bitrate, higher bitrates (eg 564 kbps)& variable bitrates. They all seem to work now. Thanks again. I'm sure I'll be asking again, first smartphone & first time with WindowsMobile so there's plenty I need to know !
  13. Hi All Just purchased a an Orange spv c550 and I cant get it to play MP3s ! I've installed activesync and transfered the file to storage/my documents/mymusic using 'explore' but when i go to play with media player it says 'file corrupted or not recognised file type' ( or something like that !!). I also transfered a wma file over and that plays ok. The mp3 s i'm trying play ok on the pc and on mp3 players. The manual says it plays mp3s as did the man in the shop so any ideas anyone ? Am I doing something wrong ?? Help Its driving me mad.
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