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  1. Hi guys Apologies if this has been asked before - my computer fell over a few weeks ago with a root-kit virus and I've only just found the time to get it all sorted! Anyway, my issue is with my T-Mobile Vario II - I think it's also known as a HERM300. I switched it on the other day and all I got was a white screen! I've tried a hard reset by holding the Camera button + Comm Manager button while pressing the rest button on the bottom, but no joy B) I'm suspecting the screen is shot and needs replacing. I know the phone is working as when I connect it to my PC, I can remote control it by using SOTI's control software. So, a couple of questions: 1. Best place to get a screen - what model should I be looking for etc? 2. How does one dismantle the phone to remove and replace the screen? 3. Any other business :( Thanks in anticipation. John
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