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  1. Paul: how did you get the aosp contcts to run in your rom?, i guess a edit of services.jar needed, mind to share?
  2. Thanks, you make a tremendous work so no worry :D
  3. Any chance to have the older versions ?, this new is a real battery killer and has way worse wifi performance
  4. Same here, this install makes a FULL WIPE of all items, including internal SD.
  5. WOW, this rocks, seems that LG 2x can be a nice phone to play with. :D Looking forward to a Modaco rom soon :D
  6. Is there any command to enter fast boot in 2X?
  7. Bit offtopic: Anyone found a way to enter any fastboot or download mode in boot?
  8. Its seems your dump is newer base: dated 2011. 03. 02 My build prop says 2011.02.23 And it seems the newer radio fixes sound issue?
  9. http://www.lg.com/global/support/ope...rce-detail.jsp Search for SU 660 Or : http://www.multiupload.com/65UU2M5QOW
  10. I use mine heavily in work for a month, not a single scratch. You must have a faulty unit Paul, or been abusing it heavily...
  11. Desire lacks dev's so it will take time before Froyo comes to desire..
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