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  1. My phone wouldn't charge yesterday, and I discovered it was due to the Micro-USB cable I was using. It seems that not all Micro-USB cables are created equal. In my case, I thought the phone was charging (the screen came on when the cable was plugged in), but actually it wasn't (and if I'd have looked closely, I would have seen that the battery icon was't indicating charging). Changing the cable for a different one cured the problem. Note that I haven't tried the cable it came with; I suppose I should have done...
  2. No need to apologise; I appreciate all the help you offer to everyone on this forum. Good though the G300 has been over the last 18 months (we have three in my family), I'm close to calling time on Huawei. Tempted by the Moto G of course (even though I vowed I'd never buy another Motorola phone...)
  3. There really does seem to be a problem for some of us. I restored the original bootloader using your excellent tutorial. I saw this: But then in DC-Unlocker I saw no mention of the bootloader code: Not sure what to do now, really :unsure:
  4. Yes, I had this problem over the weekend, and so did my wife. We're both running Stock+. It's difficult to track down because a reboot or a Maps restart often fixes the problem, only for it to come back later.
  5. In an effort to fix occasional reboot / network connection issues, I downgraded to GB bootloader then flashed the "Use ICS ROMs on GB baseband" ZIP from http://www.modaco.co...d/#entry2100905. This is all using Cyda's excellent Stock+ ROM. It continued to work, but unfortunately suffered from the "continuous toggling between 3G and H" problem. So I decided to relock the ICS bootloader, and flashed the ZIP from the first post of this topic. This resulted in the phone becoming stuck in a boot loop (Android logo on screen, vibrate and restart every five seconds or so). I couldn't manage to boot into CWM, and ended up having to put an update.app on the SD card and force an update to recover the phone. Where did I go wrong? How should I have reverted from "use ICS ROM on GB baseband" to "Relock ICS bootloader"? Thanks.
  6. No, I don't think SD Formatter was commonly known about at that time. I did use the Windows formatter to no effect. I didn't try aligning the partition either.
  7. I had this problem when I used an 8GB Class 4 no-name card. Cyda suggested I try a new card, so I bought a 16GB Class 10 Samsung which completely cured the problem for me.
  8. The only solution that worked for me (I didn't try your solution though...) was to buy a new SD card! A new 16GB Class 10 Samsung worked for me, whereas an old 8GB Class 4 always caused storage to default to Internal after a reboot.
  9. Yes, same for me. In fact, there are no Huawei apps (AllBackup etc.) for me at all! I installed this (via a "middle package") on a phone that was on B895, which is probably the reason. Still I find it surprising....
  10. Well, yes, my new 16GB Class 10 Samsung card arrived yesterday, and I'm pleased to report that it's cured the "defaults to internal" bug for me. If my experience is representative, I think that Int2sdext2 should probably be marked as "a good idea, but turns out not to work after all". I have been using your Link2Int mod very successully, though. I thoroughly recommend that to anyone who wants to use the 2GB of internal SD space for something useful - thanks Cyda!
  11. Hi Cyda. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I've done a full (not quick) format of the Card in Windows using an SD Card reader. It's an 8GB class 4 card that came with my Nokia 5800 a few years ago :huh: Do you have any idea why an Ext4-formatted internal SD can apparently be mounted by the phone, but not usable?
  12. Has anybody who suffers from the "default storage swap" bug actually used this Mod, apart from me?
  13. Sorry for the long post, but I'm really struggling with this. Since upgrading to ICS (I'm running Stock+, after having used the Yoigo B944 update.app, rooted, etc.) my phone suffers from the "default storage swap" bug. Every time I select "Restart" from the phone's power button menu, storage defaults to Internal. The problem I'm having is that even with this mod (with the internal SD formatted to ext4) the phone *still* defaults to Internal Storage after a Restart! But the fact that the internal SD is now ext4 prevents the phone from using the internal SD (it shows as "Total space 0.00B" System Settings... Storage). And when I then try to change the Default storage location back from Internal to SD card, the phone sits forever showing the "Switching.... Please wait" message. Unfortunately I can't take any screenshots of this behaviour, because the phone says it's out of storage when it tries to save the screenshot (of course!). I was wondering whether I was falling foul of using the wrong CWM version, so I changed from CWM-6 to CWM- without improvement. I've installed / uninstalled the Mod many times. I then experimented by manually formatting the Internal SD as ext4 (using MiniTool Partition Wizard on my PC) without installing the Mod (so no Link2SD). This resulted in the same behaviour as above, so I don't think it's related to the Mod itself. I had to reformat the Internal SD as FAT32 to allow the phone to swap the Default storage back to SD Card. Has anybody else seen this behaviour? Has anybody who actually suffers from the "default storage swap" bug actually used this Mod to solve the problem? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! This Mod is a great idea, and has a lot of potential....
  14. or, use the MoDaCo Custom Froyo Rom R7, and it will change to "giffgaff".

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