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  1. In my experience Argos have a very good returns policy for faulty goods - even those excluded from their usual "30 day" policy. I have to date never had any problems returning a faulty item to them for a full refund, even months later. If it's faulty or not working as expected, take it back and get it refunded or exchanged! HTH - Rufus.
  2. Went to install a midlet on my Vario II after following a link printed in City AM this morning. The midlet from www.mobizines.com which allows you to easily download newpapers/magazines for offline reading installed fine, and appears to run perfectly. Except for when it prompts you to do something with OK and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the screen. This I guess correspond to the soft keys on a smartphone or similar, BUT the soft keys on my Vario II have no effect. The touchscreen, navi-button etc. also are ignored. Does anyone know of a way of "pressing" the buttons on these types of midlets under WM5 on a PPC, or am I flogging a dead horse from the off? Rufus.
  3. Had a slightly similar problem with mine last Saturday (7th) whilst visiting a farm near Leatherhead. Was getting a steady 2bars signal and made a few phone calls. 20 mins later tried to make a phone call and got network unavailable, thought it was my position (in a valley). Travelled to top of nearby hill and still unavailable. When back in the valley still no signal, switched phone off and back on again and instantly back to steady 2 bar signal. Just put it down to a network glitch! Rufus.
  4. Apologies in advance if this is stating the bleeding obvious, but I wish I'd thought about it earlier. I have a large bowl at home in to which I tend to shove in all the detritus from my pockets at the end of the day (i.e. car keys, cash, wallet, mobile phone etc.) which has served me well for years. However recently I've had some problems with cards. My train ticket stopped working in the barriers, my gym card no longer operates the turnstiles, my Sainsbury's reward card has stopped working etc. After all this seemingly random bad luck the coin suddenly dropped (literally) when I had to prise a 2p off my Vario II case this morning after it had become strangely attracted. The case obviously contains strong magnets - fine for the phone, but not so good for anything of a delicate magnetic nature that comes near it. So just a warning keep your train tickets, credit cards etc. away from that case! HTH - Rufus (mostly waiting for ticket inspectors to let me through the station barriers).
  5. Expansys sell the headsets: http://www.expansys.com/product.asp?code=138246 There may of course be other cheaper suppliers. HTH - Rufus.
  6. From: http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/terms?WT.svl=300#try So you'll either get charged
  7. I very much doubt you'll get a direct port of Frontier FE because of all of the problems with the PPC version of Elite: http://www.eliteppc.com/ I believe it may still be possible to become a beta tester though if it helps ;-) Another option that may be worth trying out is installing an Atari ST emulator i.e. CaSTCE and then trying the Atari version of the game(s). I know that people have run them [slowly] on older devices, so may work on the all conquering Hermes! Rufus.
  8. It's a shame you have to turn off the phone, wifi, bluetooth etc. one at a time rather than having an all encompassing flight-mode. Also the last few flights I've been on they've announced that phones, including smartphones and PDAs with a phone function even if they have a "flightmode" should remain switched off throughout the flight. "Blackberries" can be used in flight if set to flightmode WTF. This was with BMI FWIW. Rufus.
  9. IMHO the only thing in a HTC that could be affected by magnets is any inductors. For example the backlight for the LCD probably uses one, and with a sufficiently strong magnet in exactly the wrong place it may result in it overloading the circuit and buring out. Though I suspect the magnets are not nearly powerful enough and are sufficiently far away from the backlight not to have this effect. p.s. "four inch wide circular magnets" - the ones in my T-Mobile case are probably nearer 1cm diameter! Rufus.
  10. FWIW the screen you touch with the stylus on mine also sits slightly proud of the thicker screen below. I had (possibly wrongly) assumed this was a necessary characteristic of the touchscreen, though TBH I don't recall my old SE P800 needing this. If you hold the Vario II a near right angles in front of the eye and catch a light reflection off the screen you can clearly see the screen dipping and flexing as you touch it. And it does feel spongy rather than positive as you scribe. Not too much of an issue for point and clicking, but can be annoying if dragging or drawing with the stylus. Is this a fault or a characteristic?! Would [now] be interested if others have got this! Mine is an HT634 model, so perhaps they added the gap so alleviate the screen alignment issue?! Rufus.
  11. You don't have to have 2 phones but it may be worth getting 2 if you have an other half as calls between them are free (both Orange and T-Mobile), and you get 2 subsidised handsets (with only a slightly greater monthly outlay). To get a business tariff, you phone up their relevant business sales telephone number - see their respective websites for details. I've got a Ltd company, so it's dead easy for me, but AFAIK you are still entitled to a business contract when self employed. HTH - Rufus.
  12. Also if switching operators IMHO it's worth picking up a PAYG card that uses that network to check *real* coverage for example in my office it makes a huge difference which desk you sit at as to which Operator works best. On the offers basis I found T-Mobile best for me. I was able to get a T-Mobile Business-1 plan with 500 mins shared between 2 phones, a bundle of texts, Web n Walk pro (for 1 handset) a 5MB bundle (for other), a small text bundle for just under
  13. Thanks Jeremy, that's saved me some fruitless experimentation. I really must get myself registered on xda developers now I own a proper device. Rufus.
  14. I have a mono Bluetooth handsfree headset - Jabra BT200. Is there anyway in which I can use it to listen to audio on the phone? Ideally I'd like to be able to listen to the soundtrack of a film being played using TCPMP on my headset with the speaker muted! I appreciate that the quality won't be up to much, but hopefully good enough for dialogue. Is this possible - I've seen talk of utilities for the Wizard et al to achieve this, but nothing concrete for the Hermes! TIA - Rufus.
  15. Not sure if it's any help, but a few weeks ago I picked up an Orange branded accessory pack for my SPV C550 from an Orange shop. Cost
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