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  1. RichardD

    Skype 2.2 Beta

    I did search the Wizard forum before posting, wouldn't have thought to look in that other forum as it's smart phones rather than pocket pcs, but thanks for the headsup, good to hear someone's tired it with sucess on a Vario.
  2. RichardD

    UK O2 GPRS Pay as You Go Settings?

    Not wanting to confuse matters, as a richard_d has already posted above... Here's what o2 XDA support sent me recently when I asked them by email
  3. RichardD

    Skype 2.2 Beta

    The latest Beta release offers support for the Vario, K-Jam etc. http://www.skype.com/download/skype/mobile...imate_beta.html Haven't tried it yet though as my pc is playing silly buggers with active sync.
  4. can you not use the slider on the side during a call ?
  5. RichardD

    TomTom Voices

    yeah, wasn't amazed with the John Cleese one I bought direct from TomTom. the only amusing comment comes up so rarely... "bear left, beaver right" and his inflection on "exit" makes me cringe. "second EXIT" perhaps I should as you say, stop searching for a good one and stick with the original
  6. RichardD

    TomTom Voices

    I'd like to get the Knight Rider voice for TomTom Navigator 5, but can only find links to Torrent etc on Google. Does anyone know a legal source for K.I.T.T. please ?
  7. RichardD

    which tom tom?

    If you get the latest version of Navigator which comes on an SD card, copy the files onto a MiniSD and run the install file via file explorer on the device itself you shouldn't hopefully have any installation problems. Just make sure you have your phone connected to the internet via ActiveSync or WiFi first to save hassle with the registration process. Something someone else once pointed out to me is you'll lose the touch screen stuff if you opted for Mobile.
  8. the quality does look great, but in my little hatchback, the clip looks rather huge in their pic, and that's before it has the actual Wizard holder bit too ! http://www.brodit.com/montering.jsp?anr=652934 (Renault Clio RHD) My other concern is about impact on the dashboard on removal. I'm aware it's better than a drill and screw fix option, but looking at picture four on the link below, the section under the vent, to the left of the indicator stalk looks stretched, probably following the above photoshoot !? http://www.brodit.com/montering.jsp?anr=652935 Does anyone have a photo they could share please of the Brodit Wizard passive holder installed ? What depth does it have when mounted on a Brodit Proclip ? - - - Brodit HTC Wizard (K-Jam / Vario / XDA Mini S) passive holder mounting solution: http://www.brodit.com/montering.jsp?anr=848650 (for anyone searching google / the forums)
  9. RichardD

    O2 XDA mini-S newbie

    sorry, that worked on my pocket pc at work, but having checked my pc bluetooth pairings at home, looks like you're right. how annoying.
  10. RichardD

    Tip: See Wizard's Keyboard Mode

    That's already on my o2 XDA Mini S. Perhaps the hack was part of another cab file I've installed ?!?
  11. RichardD

    O2 XDA mini-S newbie

    5) Go to Start -> Settings -> About -> Device ID tab
  12. RichardD

    Keypad illuminations

    me too. it's hard enough texting while driving at night without having to delete a random character. :D :)
  13. RichardD


    Just to pass on that this worked for me on my o2 XDA Mini S too. I copied the files via bluetooth onto the Sandisk miniSD I got from mobymemory. My GPRS is only set up for MMS, but I had BT active sync running and WiFi to my home router, and the auto activate thing worked first time. Can't comment on performance as I've never used TomTom before so have nothing to compare it to. There seems a slight delay occasionally in the voice commands, after you've already crossed a mini roundabout for example, but I imagine that's the usual GPS lag rather than the Wizard / TomTom software.
  14. RichardD

    MiniSD brands

    I was about to order a SanDisk 1gb miniSD from mobymemory for £38ish including delivery, but does the expression "you pay for what you get" apply with memory cards ? They have their own branded miniSD which is a couple of £ extra. A google / kelkoo didn't show anything around the same price elsewhere. What brand are you using with your Wizard and would you recommend it please ?
  15. RichardD


    great thanks, will raid the piggy bank and make some calls

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