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  1. Would it be too much if i request for the templates of your skin? would want to remove the lines on the home skin or edit it to my preference.Thanks ;)
  2. would like to try this on my phone. kindly post. thanks
  3. tried this skin on my Voyager, installation was ok but I've noticed that the links for inbox, settings, java, etc were lost on the start menu. I uninstalled the skin but the links were still missing. Any tips on how to recover them? Thanks
  4. dahil kami ay sikat.... kami ay VICTIM!!! :)
  5. cnong jhuncortez ang tinutukoy dito?? :) jhuncortez din pangalan ko pero sa nov pa bday ko :lol: kung meron man iba pang jhuncortez for sure mabait yun :wink:
  6. Is it possible for me to ask for the psd file of this work? I like the format and would be glad to put a personal touch on it. Putting the alarm plug-in would definitely be a big plus. Thanks. email: [email protected]
  7. hi encece. is it possible for you to incorporate also RJtime in your fizzy skin? i like the coucou's revisions on your skin but i guess he won't post it with due respect to you. i'm an avid fan of your works. keep it up. :)
  8. hi there, quite a long thread you have here. i don't have time to browse them all, and i'm wondring if you already made some tones on "2 Unlimited" cuts like Twilight Zone and Are u Ready for This. Hope you could find time squeezing it on your tight sked. I have tried doing it using Sound recorder but it sounds husky eventhough I have tried changing its freq and bit. Thanks :)
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