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  1. must be a setting to stop this cos each call I make after 7 seconds the screen shuts down altogether leaving me to turn it back on at the top power button if I need to end call cos of answer machine or punch in number to access menus....
  2. I have a similar problem so I use these http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/gprsmonitor/ this tells me me when I hit my limit on data connection then I open this http://montecristoff.webs.com/ this has a setting in it that will let you switch off the data connection.... then set a reminder on your calendar for your renewal date and re engage the connection and your good to go... SPB monitor will restart counting on your billing day automically also be switching it on and off when you aren't using it will stop you using up your pressure data with crappy unwanted connections
  3. yes they can work together.... a few reg edits and a few file changes and your are good to go... you don't even need third part software like some poeple recommend
  4. the ADVERTISING SPAM version 2 for the HTC touch HD is a great case.... I found it a little loose though but in conjunction with a rubber slip case it makes it less likely to slip out... only trouble is front camera hole and back light sensor are obscured when using both cases to gether... but stiill a great case... stick your driving licence card in the front to help give additional screen protection too http://www.ADVERTISING SPAM.com/catalog/product_info....oducts_id=16283 or you could try this one http://www.ADVERTISING SPAM.com/catalog/product_info....oducts_id=12402
  5. personally I use the ADVERTISING SPAM, version 2 for the HTC touch... get it from the official site
  6. I used a program called SmartTweaker....maximum size....1000K it jsut changes a registry...when I find which one I will post back
  7. Sorry but I am at a loss too...I have thought of everything I can. the quotes are definetly not needed, the only other thing I can recomend is to do a complete uninstall and reinstall use the exe on the PC if you can as using a CAB can cause problems if your phone is not applet unlocked other wise you should contact oxios for support. good luck...and let us know how it goes.
  8. probably the restricts are conflicting. also remember that using = %1 means you are asking it to show task that are due today or start today if you want to show ones that sart with in the next 7 days go fo startdate = %7 ([startDate] = "%1" OR [DueDate] <= "%1") AND [Complete] = 0 this would show all task that start today are now overdue but will not show completed ([startDate] = "%1" OR [DueDate] = "%1") AND [Complete] = 0 tis will show all task that start today and are due today and but will not show any that are complete. ([startDate] <= "%8" OR [DueDate] <= "%1") AND [Complete] = 0 this should show all tasks that start in the next 7 days or are over due but will not show completed. PS do not use the speech marks in the actual registry the speech marks are to highlight the bits you are changing actual reg should look like this ([startDate] = %1 OR [DueDate] <= %1) AND [Complete] = 0
  9. ok I know the problem....somewhere in the plugin section ofoxios ia some thing about show when active true or false or hide when no tasks true or false you need to change this from one to the other so it always shows. this is how mine looks this is the bit that I think is giving you problems yours may say false by what I think you are describing this is editing your XML home screen...now after making changes to the registry you must reboot...if after making both changes...the xml first and then changing the registry and rebooting... if it still disappears then you are miss typing some thing in the registry.
  10. if you have an error in the xml around the task plugin area then the plugin will dissapear as the home screen will not read it...open the xml in internet explorer before posting it to your phone if it displays your phone will read it and utilise it crrectly if it doesnot show then you have written something wrong
  11. toshiba protege g900 or HO ipaq 514 there the only other two I think would be possible contenders to HTC, for me personally maybe not for others
  12. why do you think I posted the comment here....I knew someone would be able to confirm it was bullsh!t storey...although it did sound plausible to me.
  13. From what I have been told the s730 will not have the GPS enabled due to a contractual agreement with tomtom as tomtom and HTC are now in partnership, and tomtom not supporting non touchscreen devices any more they have ensured that competitors to tomtoms sat nav program will not be readily available for use on HTC phones...at least the kaiser comes with built in GPS and tomtom sat nav.
  14. has any one looked at the HTC cruise (ht110) I hink that will be the next best bet as all the latest reports show that the S730 does indeed NOT have an active GPS unit, I think this is due to HTC having a deal with TOMTOM and as they no longer support non touch screen devices then I reckon that part of the partner ship was that to limit the number of device that are able to use rival GPS software. hopefully it will be nothing more than a registry hack to reactivate it...but with the kiaser and cruise why take the chance.
  15. you can download the latest version from http://www.codecity.net just look for the 2.0 beta link
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