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  1. Hiya, what condition is the phone in?
  2. Thanks, let me know what you find out... cheers Russ
  3. Hey, just wondering about the fan on these, does it spin up excessively when under load such as watching video etc?
  4. To be honest, Tom Tom Mobile was installed on the phone (well the memory card) when I bought it second hand. I've only just got a BT GPS device though...
  5. Hi, I am hoping beyond hope that the fact that the last posting was so long ago doesn't mean no one looks at this thread anymore ;) I am having what can only be described as "terrible trouble" with TomTom Mobile on my C500. I cannot, for the life of me (and I HAVE read EVERY page of this 40 page thread, I have tried the instructions on pages 1 and 32 and nothing works) get the phone to connect to the GPS device by BT. Can I state at the start, I have Operator version on my C500 which must be the reason I do NOT have ANY programs called BTSerialPortSetup. It would appear that the port settings have been added to the main BT menu option. I use COM6 assigned to the BT GPS and COM7 as "incoming COM port" (though I am sure I have tried them the other way too). I also, on my version of TomTom do NOT have any options to select different types of GPS device (i.e. serial port, etc, etc). I have downloaded and installed the traffice add-in (both from this thread AND from TomTom) at least 4 times. I have downloaded and installed registry editors and added registry keys until I am blue in the face. I have renamed my (happily paired) BT GPS to "TomTom Wireless GPS" - no good. I have a BT GPS by "Inter-Active Information" which I believe is the Nemerix chipset. It works 100% fine with my 6 year old iPaq and BT jacket, which makes it harder to believe I cannot get it working with a 6 month old phone... Is there ANYONE out there who can help me? Please understand, I know it is bad etiquette to post to a thread where so many people have contributed answers already, but I literally have trawled the whole 40 pages and none of it helps. I guess this must be down to the operator version of my phone or something... Thanks in advance..
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