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  1. I have a strange variation on the random rebooting issue. Occasionally, the LEDs will flash, and my Streak will reboot. Then it reboots and sticks on the Dell logo. If I take the battery out and reboot again, sometimes it will just keep rebooting repeatedly, sometimes it will boot normally. Once it boots normally, I can usually use it for a few days with no problem before it does it again. This has happened to me with various 2.2 ROMS. I am currently on 2.2.2, Baseband GAUSB1A132211-EU, OEM Version GAUSB1A134100, Build 14917.
  2. As long as you can get into Fastboot mode (restart holding camera button), then you should be able to revive it.
  3. I flashed this last night. No problems so far. Latest Dell Stage is getting better and looks pretty, but I still prefer ADW or Launcher Pro in daily use.
  4. Thanks for the feedback (and the nice comment in the Market!). I have lots of requests for new features, but the day job is getting in the way (and pays more, unfortunately). As for the Virgin/T-Mobile thing, I report what comes from the API, which is T-Mobile. I am not sure how the standard notification knows it is Virgin. I also tested this with GiffGaff/O2. My widget displays O2, but the phone knows it is GiffGaff.
  5. I am beginning to think that poor radio performance is a Samsung issue, as I have the same problem with my Omnia 7. Reception is appalling compared to my Dell Streak, which is on the same network (T-Mobile). In fact, it is so bad on the Omnia 7 that I cannot use it as my only phone.
  6. I have found that the Swype included in the 2.2. update (I'm currently on 309 build) is not as accurate as the Beta I was using previously. It constantly gets words wrong. If I try to install the Beta again, it says the "Swype is already installed". Is this version inferior, or do I just need to experiment with the settings?
  7. Can I go straight from 309 to 318, or will I have to flash a different recovery first?
  8. UK price versus US price is outrageous. Will it be possible to buy from US like it was with the Nexus?
  9. That happened to me. I phoned them, and it arrived the next day.
  10. How can I get from 309/11548 to 315/12332? When I try and upgrade from the SD card, I just get a blank screen. Does anyone have the image files from the 12332 package, so I can flash it with fastboot?
  11. There are no special procedures required, ASFAIK. Connect your Streak to your PC and mount the SD card. Copy everything off it into a folder on your PC. Disconnect your Streak, power off, and replace the 16GB card with the 32GB card. Power on, connect to your PC, mount the SD card and copy everything from the folder on your PC to the new SD card.
  12. The Swype pre-installed in the Streak 2.2. ROM does not work as well for me as the Swype BETA I used previously. Which is the later version?
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