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  1. Orange are still in testing however, and aren't actually releasing them to anyone apparently. After a long conversation with Orange retention's yesterday they still didn't have a release date, despite it being on the website. Although I was trying to explain to the woman that it made no sense putting it on the website and then testing it, because they might reject the phone. Very peculiar..
  2. No, but I'm very much considering this approach.
  3. It's in 'limited stock' so they're only selling it to a small bunch of people which is a form of testing in itself. However, several Orange CS members I spoke to informed me that if you go to an Orange Shop where they stock device, they can actually give you a business handset on a personal account.
  4. Thanks. I hope some clever person writes some software that utilises it a bit better. Like the guy that made Smartskey back in the day of the Wizard :D
  5. I has a question for you. Apparently the Zoom bar can be used for a range of applications like Messaging, Music Applications and some others like that. What does it actually do in the Music and Messaging application?
  6. I've been speaking to different people at Orange and it's gone from 'within 2 weeks' (this was mid may I was told this) to the phone not being listed on the system, to the Diamond2 being released? It seems the HD is out of stock and I had been told that it was being discontinued and replaced by another handset. Some reps have told me that it was Touch Pro2 and some have told me they do not know. I've just been emailing Orange (they have this irritating habit where you hit the reply button and a different person replies) all of them told me it was only going to be released on Business, but then the TyTn II was also a similar circumstance and I'm currently a proud owner of one of those. Yesterday morning the Touch HD was taken off the website! So I'm going to keep playing it from the angle of 'What phone is going to replace the HD on the personal account' and 'I want a Windows Mobile phone with a keyboard because I can't stand purely touch screen phones!' One person I spoke to said they're looking at replacing it with the Touch Diamond2 and when I said 'does that have a keyboard?' He said no it doesn't but the Touch Pro2 does (in a hesistant voice). I went on to ask whether that would be available for me to upgrade to as a personal user and he said yes it should be, but there is no indication of price yet as it's too early on. I'm sure the next person I speak too, will tell me otherwise...
  7. I WAS THERE WHEN THEY FILMED THIS AT WATERLOO STATION. I walked past a guy in front of a camera crew who was 'on the phone' and I thought to myself, hmm that looks like a Touch Diamond2. The sad thing was, I could only see the back and I identified it...
  8. Hey, I'm no stranger to A2DP (Bluetooth Stereo) but I was wondering, the Mac supports A2DP output (to my headphones for example) but will it take it as an input? I mean, when I pair my Pocket PC and my Mac, my phone only picks up Serial Port and Active Sync, but I imagine it's just because the bluetooth device is not showing it as a potential protocol. Does anyone know of anyway I could achieve some form of A2DP input? Sam
  9. If you can install Active Sync on your 98 machine then Internet Sharing should work. For Video Out you could try one of these http://www.spectec.com.tw/sdv842.htm
  10. I'm going away for two weeks without my laptop (aaaaah) so I thought I'd try Snap2Face and it's great! The interface is nice and neat and although I have about 200 friends on Facebook it only downloads 23? But as long as I can keep updated with my Inbox,Wall and continue the poking war that's been going on with one of my friends for over 4 months now then I'm happy (:
  11. Couldn't see a youtube thread or anything so I thought I'd post it here. Enjoy.
  12. So there are actually half decent data bundles? I get 600minutes and Unlimited texts for £21.50 a month and I take the £5 evening and weekend unlimited data bundles.
  13. I've just bought one for £7.99 on ebay. A few more have just cropped up but I wanted on with a side USB rather than a cable so I just ordered this. A few more have just cropped up for about £8 inc. P&P. like this one It even has it's own card reader!
  14. Trueconnect is IMHO one of the best pieces of software around. I've been using it since I got my C550 and it's just great.
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