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  1. Really? Can you tell us what options appear from the menu option of the SF's Sound Recorder please?
  2. So they are, thanks Paul. And yet-another-codec ( Arghh) to be catered for. Why oh Why oh Why, with memory being so cheap don't they just skip the codec and bung PCM audio uncompressed straight to the SD - Avoiding the CPU load of DCT et al would save power too. I'll compress it later myself if I care to. Though maybe if I could get at the menu of the Sound Recorder I could tell it to do *exactly* that?
  3. I made a recording but no idea where the SanFran puts it. I noticed that 'VU meter' seemed to bear little relation to the audio that was being recorded. Has anyone found a way to play back the audio? I guessed it might be an option from the MENU button but, like others here, mine crashes immediately. I could play audio from a recorded file if I could find where it is stored.
  4. I'm not even getting it to recognise it's mass storage devices on my XP pro EDIT: I hadn't noticed the handset was prompting a question about connecting to the USB, it wasn't automatically seeing the new drive/s, as I had expected, and needed to be manually prompted to mount the drive/s. Only 1 drive appears though. I'd have expected at least the mobile's internal memory and the MicroSD to appear, making 2 drives? Next problem. I'm seeing these folders data/com.cooliris.media/local-album-cache data/com.cooliris.media/local-image-thumbs data/com.cooliris.media/local-meta-cache data/com.cooliris.media/local-skip-cache data/com.cooliris.media/local-video-skip-cache data/com.cooliris.media/local-video-thumbs data/com.cooliris.media/picassa-thumbs Where, or in which subfolder would I put some mp3 music?
  5. Aha, understood. If I installed the qtek rom would I get the critical Mobile2Market root certificate that Orange thought fit to leave out and thereby make it impossible to load all sorts of useful applications, like PhatNotes. I can see that some of the Orange menu items are quite superfluous and intrusive but to instal this QTEK rom just to alleviate some Orange issues appears to be at some costs since it adds some language related problems. Why is this change worth it? Is this not just an anti-orange motivated change?
  6. After reading through various posts I haven't found an answer as to why anybody would want to change the ROM in their Orange C550. What's the point?
  7. Finally achieved a result using the registry tweaks listed here http://robertpeloschek.blogspot.com/2006/0...ur-windows.html
  8. Without this Mobile2Market (M2M) certificate it seems impossible to run any of the useful PC-Mobile note syncing applications such as Microsoft OneNote, PhatNotes or SmartphoneNotes. Is there a registry hack that will either add the Mobile2Market certificate or render in unnecessary? Can Orange add the certificate? Can I load a different firmware to make the handset a vanilla Hurricane instead of an Orange C550 (WM2003/SE)? Tim
  9. Orange SPV C550 running WM 2003 ActiveSync 4.5 (Beta), also tried v4.2 OneNote Mobile 2007 Windows XP fully updated I am trying to get Microsoft OneNote 2007 running with my Orange C550 but the ActiveSync, although listing the OneNote item, shows no checkbox to the left of the item, the settings button is greyed, and it does not copy any items relating to OneNote. I have Office 2003 installed and Outlook synchronises quite happily with ActiveSync to the handset. Has anybody here managed to get OneNote 2007 working on a C550? Tim
  10. I am struggling getting a warranty with my C550. I have the usual joystick problem but also the headset does not work properly. Orange told me that the headset was not supported by them despite it being in the package that Orange supplier when I bought the handset.
  11. I have a fault with my C550 and wondered if anybody has a geographic telephone number for the manufacturer HTC? Orange seemed to tell me that the manufacturer was SPV ?? Tim
  12. Yes, that 'G' remains there. I wonder if there is a registry entry to change the Messenger timeout?
  13. Do you know if this 5 minute timeout is a function of the MS Messenger software, or the GPRS. i.e. If I ran the utility suggested above to ping at regular intervals would that change things?
  14. Thanks for the information. What a nuisance it is though. Surely on GPRS an inactive messenger would be a low data user anyway? Perhaps they don't want people hanging on messenger as they will lose revenue from SMS! Does anybody know of a patch that changes this behaviour?
  15. Has anybody found any settings or a workaround to keep the C550 online under GPRS so that MS Messenger can remain active? I have variously tried (under data connections / options) GPRS timeout settings of 'NONE', 'Never and '10 mins' but whatever I choose messenger signs out after 5 minutes.
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