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  1. Hi, There is a feature within O2 XDA Exec to use the GPRS as a modem, wirless modem from within Program group. I was hoping this would mean that I could connect my laptop when travelling via the USB cable and get access to the web. But I cant get it to work. Has anyone done this? Can anyone help me please? Thanks, Mike
  2. Any way to read your email automatically with a XDA Exec? Thanks, Mike
  3. Does anyone have any experience of dialling by voice on the xda2i?
  4. Hi, Silly question but ned to be sure. I have smartphone XDA2i previously O2 but unlocked. In the about icon it says windows mobile 2003 second edition but under system it says platform = pocket PC. If I am buying software do I buy pocket pc or windows smartphone? Is there a difference? Thanks, Mike
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