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  1. Device Name : HTC HD2 Operating System Version : Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM type : Default ROM (Vodafone)
  2. Has anyone else had an issue with the HTC Media Player? On my HD2 the player gets stuck at the end of tracks (i..e doesn't move onto the next), I have to go into the device and skip. Seems to be predominantly when the device is "screen off" and in my pocket. Doesn't happen in Windows Media Player
  3. I've been using this app for a while on my TyTn II, works a treat. If you're into Last.fm then this app is a must as to be honest if you're anything like me most of your listening to music is on the move (also now use my TyTn as my main source of music in the car as well just so I get to scrobble all my listening!) The app is great. The question is really whether you see the point of Last.fm (As well as reasons elsewhere in the thread there is also the concept of looking what people with similar music habits to you listen to as well)
  4. No one else at all having issues with WM5 devices and WMP11? Can you post if you can sync to a memory card on a WM5 device with no problem? And also if poss. let me know which version of WMP11 you're using (using help about) - like below? Device : Orange SPV600 WMP11 : 11.0.5721.5145 Result : Doesn't recognise memory card in Sync
  5. After upgrading to the full version (rather than beta) of WMP11 (Windows Media Player 11) I can no longer sync to my memory card. All WMP11 gives me is the phone storage, I can't access the card from within WMP11. I can copy files using ActiveSync, I could Sync from WMP11beta with no problem. Just since its full release. I've read elsewhere that this is a bug in WMP11, but I would have thought it would generate many more postings on forums if it was a widespread issue. Is it just me?
  6. Well I've got the phone. It's seems all there in the software, add voicetag etc. BUT I can't get it to work, everytime I try and record a tag it says something like "couldn't save the tag please try again". :?: Maybe a general bug and that's why Orange says it isn't there :evil:
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