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  1. DerekCohen

    best deal on Touch Pro 2?

    That is total bo**ocks. They are the retailer and they must fix it. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8253915.stm A word with their local trading standards officer would be useful. And if MPD won't budge then if you bought the phone or any part of the deal on a credit card then a word with them too.
  2. DerekCohen


    When I tried this T-Mobile said I had to give my log-in details and password to the dealer which I blew my top at. I insisted that they tell me what my discount was directly seeing as how it was mine. Eventually they said it was £200. In the end I moved to Vodafone at MPD as the phone was free. It's amazing that mobile phone companies are still willing to lose existing customers rather than give them the same deal as new ones. If T-Mobile had given me the phone free I'd have stayed with them. But it's only free to people new to T-mobile.
  3. DerekCohen

    TP2 irritations

    I've had mine for a few weeks now and made the transition from my Tytn II. Here's a list of irritations: EMAIL * I find the "messages in an envelope" interface for email really irritating. It's OK if you only have a few emails but as I get loads I always use the Inbox. It's always hit and miss whether sliding over an email in the envelope will move to the next one or open it * When viewing the Inbox it's hit and miss whether a finger movement will scroll down the list or open the item you're on * Sometimes when I return to the Inbox the status bar is missing and th message list goes all the way down. I have to go to the drop-down task list on the home page and quit the email and restart to get it back. The status bar in the Inbox is useful knowing if it's still downloading messages and how many there are to come * If you have a number of images attached to an email which you have downloaded and you view one of them you can't swipe the screen to scroll through them but have to return to the email and select the next one WEB BROWSING * The Opera browser is really pants. The whole thing of having to change into and out of text selection to navigate a page/links is stupid. I'd love to be able to remove it and install the standard Opera Mobile * The zoom thing works badly in Opera and IE. On a big page opera shrinks to fit, IE shows it full size, but getting the page to display at a manageable size is difficult in both * I have one site that worked perfectly on Opera on the Tytn II. In Opera on the TP2 if I go there it reboots the whole device. It works fine in IE which must be a first. The site uses a lot of flash SMS * It no longer gives an alert to say an SMS has been sent (but I love the conversation display for texts - brilliant) GENERAL * Auto-rotation of the display according to the device's orientation is hit and miss. And sometimes the screen displays half one way and half the other * At the top of the home screen are five icons (data, signal, speaker, battery and tasks). Why does clicking the first four no longer show you the properties/manager for them individually? It's useful to be able to terminate a data connection if it's stalled or see the accurate battery state or set to/from vibrate only from the home screen. Instead you have to go into the relevant section to do it - unnecessary taps VODAFONE v TMOBILE * The data coverage on Vodafone behaves very differently to T-Mobile. With T-Mobile I got an H all the time or no signal on occasions. With Vodafone I very often get a G or 3G. Is this just more accurate way of reporting or does the Vodafone network fall back better than T-Mobile? Or is Vodafone's H coverage worse? But overall I think I get a data connection of some sort more often on Vodafone than T-Mobile Be interested to hear what others think Derek
  4. If it has a position sensor why does the screen only rotate when you slide out the keyboard? Why doesn't it rotate automatically when you are on the home screen or in email etc?
  5. DerekCohen

    Practical for email/messaging ?

    I have multiple pop accounts. When going in via the Mail icon you see little envelopes on the right for each account but no way of knowing which account they refer to for some reason. Or am I missing something?
  6. DerekCohen

    New UK T Mobile ROM - Thoughts?

    Since upgrading the ROM the Vario won't accept my mp3 files as ring tones even though they're shown in the list of available sounds. When I select one and clock OK it reverts to Windows default. It'll do the other sounds.
  7. DerekCohen

    New UK T Mobile ROM - Thoughts?

    On my Comm manager the icon for what I assume is push email appears to be disabled. If I want to use something like mail2web how do I set it up?
  8. Where did you get the T-Mobile Uk Vario ROM update from? Is it easy to do?
  9. DerekCohen

    Invisible SMS

    I've had dozens of texts since then and it hasn't cleared it. I suspect it was one of those system update SMS messages which I didin't delete.
  10. DerekCohen

    Invisible SMS

    I have a T-Mobile Vario (WM5). It insists that I have 1 unread text message, both on the Today screen and in the status bar of the Text Messages browser. But there are no unread text messages in any of the folders. Even if I delete all the text messages properly it still says there's 1 unread. Soft reset doesn't clear it. Receiving and reading new text messages doesn't clear it. It's irritating rather than critical. Any ideas?
  11. DerekCohen

    WLAN G in all Wizards - It works!

    Simple newbie question - how do you edit the registry on the Vario?
  12. DerekCohen

    replacement battery

    Has anyone found a third-party higher capacity battery for the Vario/Wizard? 1200mAH doesn't seem enough. I've found an 1800mAH battery for the Treo 650 but I'm not convinced it's exactly the same. Any ideas?
  13. DerekCohen

    Vario as bluetooth modem

    Does this mean I can link the phone to the notebook by USB (using the sync cable) and use the phone as a GPRS modem?
  14. I'm trying to set things up so my notebook can use my vario as a modem for Internet connection. Bluetooth is on on both devices and I have them paired. However when I dial up from the notebook it comes back saying PPP authorisation failed. What is the username/password needed for T-mobile GPRS? Thanks Derek
  15. Is there any way to disable the backlight that comes on behind the keyboard buttons? In most circumstances the key legends are easier to see without the light.

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