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  1. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if there is any alternative software for the Phone Keypad which will work on the SPV M500? I'm trying to use the Sky By Mobile java applet and can't find a way to press the 'Login' button as I imagine that it is one of the softkeys on more regular phones (such as the Nokia) that would trigger this. Neither the Phone nor the Phone Keypad software have the two buttons I need. Not come across this problem before, so I hope someone else has and can let me know how to get round it. Thanks, Jeremy :rolleyes:
  2. Hi All, I have a small problem that is rather frustrating. When typing a text message on my M500 I can't seem to reposition the cursor between letters, instead when I click the screen to reposition the cursor, all the letters between the current position of the cursor and where I click get highlighted. Does that make sense? Also, when I am looking at the list of text messages in my inbox, when I click one message the previous one remains highlighted and simply clicking the message will no longer open it. I seem to have to click it several times before it will open. Have I inadvertently turned on some obsure option regarding the behaviour of the cursor? Thanks and regards, Jeremy
  3. pridmorej

    M500 and RIDATA 2GB SD Card

    OK, I take the hint. I asked the guy for a refund and he very kindly accepted. So I'm not going to be out of pocket. I also saw the following post here so I take it there are compatibility issues and the SanDisk 2GB is the one I'll now have to go for: http://www.modaco.com/2Gig_SD_Card_compati...0l-t227347.html Well, thanks for all your help guys Jeremy
  4. Hi All, I feel like an idiot! After weeks of looking at different cards I have just brought a RIDATA 2GB card for my M500 and it doesn't seem to work! When I put the card in the slot it asks me if I want to format it and when I click 'Yes' is says that it was formatted successfully. However, the card doesn't then appear under 'My Device'. When I then take the card out and put it back in I am asked if I want to format it again, and so the cycle continues. I tried the card in my built in 7-in-1 reader on my laptop and although I can format and browse to the card, it only gets formatted at just under 1GB. Prior to buying the card I asked the guy I brought it from off of eBay if it would work with the M500 explainging that the phone was like the iMate Jam and Compact MDA. He said he had tried the card in both of those and they worked, but also said that he wouldn't offer refunds for incompatibility. Well, like an idiot I brought the card (which was 'only' £70) and now it doesn't work. It says 2GB Pro 150x on the card, but other than that, there is nothing in the documentation that says it only works with specific devices. My other SD card from my old phone works fine in the phone and laptop, i.e. 'File Explorer' shows 'Storage Card' on the phone. Can anyone shed some light on why the RIDATA card doesn't work? I'll be very gratefull for any advice you can give. Thanks and regards, Jeremy

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