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  1. hi,i've also been facing the same problem. however,when i try to copy the files from my computer to a card reader,thn after that putting the card back to my phone,it seems okiex.Maybe u can try transferring through a card reader instead. On the downside,there's still about 10% failure rate.Cause occasionally i'll still face the same problem.
  2. hi wutta, i'm using O2 xphoneIIm,i just got a 1gb mini sd card not long ago. It's working well.Hope this helps abit. =)
  3. Hi all, does anyone here know where i can get a chinese viewing/input software for my smartphone?I've tried searching in this forum for it,but to no avail. thnks in advance!~ stev
  4. thanks for all the help and advices. i'm now able to play video files smoothly on my phone!~ ;)
  5. Hi, i own a O2 xphoneIIm. I would like to know if i play big video file (example,500mb file) on my phone using my mini-sd 1GB card,will the video play smoothly without major disruptions to either the video or my phone?
  6. i own a O2 phone.Wat does PAYG SIMs mean?
  7. alrightx,will check those out. =)
  8. okie,thanks alot!~ i'll go for the 1GB card thn. Do u have any good deals for it? Cause i tink the market price now for SanDisk is about $145 for 1Gb.
  9. i intend to get either a 1Gb or 512MB mini SD card for my xphoneIIm. Just would like know if i get the 1GB card,will it lag my phone?
  10. Anyone has any idea on what software can be used/download to play realplayer files on Xphone IIm?
  11. I've got a xphoneIIm.So far no major problems as yet. Battery's life good,for an average user,2 full days shouldnt be a problem at all. =)
  12. Are there any iMac themes available for Windows Mobile 2003?
  13. i just bought my Xphone IIm few days back.I wanted to transfer some word files and excel files onto my phone,however i wasnt able to view them.Wat programs must i download for those file extensions?
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