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  1. Thanks. Blackpool is not far from me, could give them a go
  2. Hi Guys, I am buying a huawei G300 today from vodafone. Going to be using a sim only deal from three so am assuming the G300 will need to be unlocked. We will try and get it unlocked from vodafone but if they are going to charge us £20 then Ill be looking for an alternative method. (i) so what is the cheapest option to have the G300 unlocked if vodafine do not do it for free ? (i) if I am using a 3 sim card will I still get the OTA ice cream update ? many thanks.
  3. Thanks. Well I also found this guide so may give it a try http://techspalace.blogspot.com/2011/10/perm-root-htc-desire-gingerbread-233.html
  4. Hello, I am currently runing a HTC desire with the official 2.3 RUU installed through the HTC website. Really trying to root the phone but not having much success. Firstly with unrevoked 3, I get the error message 'firmware to new.' I then tried gingerbreak, and let it run for about 40 minutes, but had to reboot the phone. Any ideas ? many thanks
  5. moghm

    Browser crashing

    I'll try to download a new browser. These crashes werent that frequent before the latest update. Does anyone know how I can get a log running so that I can actually know why its crashing ?
  6. moghm

    Browser crashing

    I should have added that the browser just exits out, no message is displayed
  7. Hi Guys, I am running vegacomb 3.2 9n update 3 on the advent, but for some reason I am getting constant crashes in the browser. Usually when I open a a page in a new tab. Anyone have similar issues and know of a solution please ? many thanks,
  8. anyone had repetitive keying in problems ? for example when I press e, i get 2 e's. Same with w. thanks
  9. Hi guys, Just a quick one and sorry for asking a question about installation, I have been somewhat out of the loop for a few weeks due to work. Currently running vegacomb 1.7, does this mean I already have modded stock v2 ? If so, is it just a matter of downloading 3.2 build 7, clearing cache, etc etc and installing from zip ? many thanks
  10. Hi guys, Some issues have developed with vegacimb 1.7 recently. Firstly can't log into maret. Keep getting server error. I removed account and cleared data in applications, but now I can't log in. I don't have an issue on my HTC desire with market. Only thing I can think of is that I did register a debit card a few weeks ago on market? Secondly, within the stock browser I keep getting a certificate message, I.e. there is a problem wth a certificate on this page, this message can be displayed 6 or 7 times before the page is displayed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. U r right about a tablet with honeycomb flying of the shelves at 200 quid, which makes me now think that this would be too good to be true. Time wil tell.
  12. There is no money for advent in releasing honeycomb for the existing vega, unless they start charging for the release ?? If they do announce a new tablet, then this is not exciting news, call me a miser, but not to keen on having spent £200 (£250) for some users, to see this tablet overtaken so soon. Thats technology I guess. If they do release honeycomb for the existing vega, I will be very impressed indeed. How about existing users of this (and other forums) get rewarded for all the research, development and feedback that they have given to make this product a success. (quid pro quo). The reward would be an official release of honeycomb for existing vega users. Come on DSG I know you are listening. The devs have been amazing, but so have been the users such as me and you for all the testing, feedback and time spent on installing these roms.
  13. Cant get market to work after clearing data
  14. Ok, so wiped user settings, cache and dalvic. Do these have to be done in any specific order or am I missing something ? I have flashed to 1.6 (installed from zip) for the second time. When trying to change wallpapers, I dont get anything displayed in the wallpaper box, and if I try to choose something that is not there, I get a force close. Confused.com, can anyone help ?
  15. I did wipe of everything and clean install of 1.6. Will try it again. Must say this is a rapid version now.
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